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How to Play the Candy Bar Game

“Don’t play with your food,” as the old saying goes, but all bets are off when it comes to candy. Whether it’s a baby shower or a birthday party, candy games make any celebration better. It’s a great way to get little ones to practice skills like turn-taking and basic math, while for older kids and adults it’s just plain fun. The best part? You usually get to eat the game pieces at the end!

Today, we’re sharing some variations on a game any chocoholic would love: the candy bar game.

What is the Candy Bar Game?

As described by Lara at the Overstuffed Life blog, the Candy Bar Game is simple to play and a total blast. Basically, players roll dice for a chance to pick candy bars out of a pile. When a player rolls doubles, they’re allowed to pick candy from the pile or steal candy from another player. As the game goes on, watch the excitement spread as players compete for the tastiest candy bars!

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How to Play the Candy Bar Game

Game Materials

To play the candy bar game, you’ll need a timer (or your phone), a pair of dice, and a large assortment of candy bars. You will need at least one candy bar per player to make sure everyone has a fair chance of winning something, but as Lara from Overstuffed Life advises, having extra makes the game more fun.

Variations: If you want more than just chocolate, no problem. You can grab some variety packs of all kinds of candies, from sour gummies to hard candy to anything in between. All you need is individually packed candy that players can grab from a pile.

How to Play

First, have players sit in a circle with the candy in the middle. Then, set a timer – five minutes is a good amount of time because the fast pace adds to the excitement. Once you’re ready, have players take turns rolling the two dice. If they roll doubles (the same number on both dice), they can pick candy from the pile or steal it from another player. The game is over when the timer goes off.

Variations: The best thing about the Candy Bar Game is how simple it is. That makes it super easy to customize. Here are just a couple of ways to change up the game to suit your preferences:

  • Lara at Overstuffed Life allows players to pick or steal candy when they roll doubles OR sevens (i.e., the numbers on the dice add up to seven – 2+5, 3+4, etc.). You can even choose a completely different roll to trigger a candy steal.
  • You can use other small gifts or treats in place of candy.
  • If you have a large group, you can use 2 or 3 pairs of dice at the same time.

There are a million ways to play – all that matters is that the players are having fun!

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When to Play

So, when and where should you play the Candy Bar Game? The simple answer is: any time you have a gathering of people who love candy! But here are just a few ideas:

The possibilities are endless!

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