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Simply Sweet has a wide collection of articles that touch on candy-inspired topics, Candy Club culture, gifting, and more! We include categories such as Seasonal, Inspiration, Candy Fun Facts, Recipes, Sweet Reads, and Featured articles.

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Explore fun ways to celebrate the changing seasons to holiday DIYs. Our “Seasonal” articles are sure to get your creative juices flowing!

custom candy gifts

We know life gets rough. That’s why a little dose of inspiration goes a long way. Trying to find the perfect (and unique!) gift? Or searching for a “sweet” way to spend your next day off? Our “Inspiration” articles will help take you on a creative journey!

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From candy history to the health benefits of chocolate, these articles give you interesting facts about your favorite sweet treat!

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Get crafty in the kitchen with these fun candy-inspired recipes! From delectable desserts to yummy drinks, there’s plenty of exciting new ways to enjoy your favorite candy!

Read about what’s new at Candy Club, gifting ideas, upcycling projects, and more! This category gives you a sweet bit of everything.

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Take a look at what’s trending on our blog! From seasonal favorites to new DIYs, we’ll show you something you’ll love!