A table display of Candy Club's premium candy, included are the monthly subscription boxes and individual candy cups
SHOP SUBSCRIPTIONS A candy club member opening their monthly candy subscription box ...

Enjoy a curated experience
— every month

SHOP CANDY ... Individual premium candy cups by Candy Club staked in a 3-row pyramid.

Satisfy sweet cravings
with choices

BECOME A RETAILER ... A Candy Club retail partner's 3-row shelf displaying both sour and sweet premium candy

Bring Candy Club
to your store


A cup of Candy Club's Pineapple Rings next to a gold pineapple display filled with pineapple rings


A fan favorite of every age. Soft,
chewy shapes in enjoyable flavors —
irresistible and fun.

A white ceramic bowl filled with Premium Candy Club chocolate candy cups.


Simply stated… Decadent. A perfect
self-indulgence, gifting opportunity or
something to share.

A cappuccino served next to an open cup of premium chocolate bites from Candy Club.


Small bite size morsels that deliver
both the fun of creamy flavor
and the joy of chocolate.


Did you know that the
candy business is a
$36 Billion industry?
(So don’t be shy – you aren’t
alone in your cravings!)

9 in 10 Americans celebrate with
giving or sharing candy during
the major holidays...
and Candy Club has the most
fun confectionary gifting
you could give!

Candy is eaten by people
2 to 3x per week in
America….so go on…