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Sweeten Up Your Next Event with These Personalized Party Favors

From Pinterest to Etsy, from champagne lollipops to unicorn anything, there are more adorable candy-themed party supplies and favors out there than any one person can keep track of these days. We’re here to make things a little less overwhelming with a list of seriously sweet personalized party favors to make your next party a hit!

Read on for personalized candy favor ideas for parties, weddings, holidays, and more.

Parties and Gifts

Custom M&Ms

The fact that the M&M is one of America’s favorite candies is only one reason custom M&Ms are a must for your next event or gift-giving occasion.

You can get an image fitting just about any theme – yes, including a photo of your own face – printed on custom M&Ms in colors of your choosing. Then toss them in a party box or favor bag and enjoy.

Just what can you use personalized M&Ms for? Pretty much any occasion, but let us name just a few:

  • Birthday party favors
  • Graduation party favors
  • Congratulations party favors
  • Superbowl or other sports party favors
  • Going away party favors
  • Baby shower party favors
  • Corporate or office party favors
  • Wedding favors

Need we say more?

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Personalized Party Mints

Custom mints are some of the most versatile personalized party favors. Like M&Ms, some can be customized with an image or words and phrases of your choosing, and you can pick colors to match your theme, whether it be sports, a birthday, a holiday, or anything in between.

One of our favorites is the Retire-MINT for a retirement party. You can use York Peppermint Patties or a custom box or tin of dinner mints, printed with the retiree’s name and themed imagery or colors.

Custom Candy Bars

Good news! Custom candy bars are some of THE easiest personalized party favors to come by. There are tons of places where you can order custom wrappers for Hershey’s and other candy bars. That doesn’t just mean names and messages, but also custom graphic design and colors to match your theme.

You can give personalized candy bars as gifts to an individual or as party favors at an event, like:

  • Birthdays and Sweet 16s
  • Corporate or office parties
  • Baby showers
  • Mother’s or Father’s Day
  • Halloween parties
  • …and so much more!

Personalized Party Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

According to yearly sales, the only things Americans love more than M&Ms are Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, so personalized Reese’s are a pretty good bet for any party. Like with custom candy bars, you can have each Peanut Butter Cup wrapper printed with a personalized label.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup personalized party favors are great for birthdays, office parties, Easter, Halloween parties and anything else you can imagine.

Personalized Cotton Candy

Cotton candy is having quite a moment as a wedding favor, but they’re great for any gathering. The pink and blue colors are perfect for baby showers, but you can also order cotton candy in custom colors. Don’t forget the custom labels!

Throwing a party with a unique theme, like disco or outer space? You can even get glow-in-the-dark cotton candy!

Candy Bouquets

If you’re DIY-obsessed, this one is for you. Candy bouquets can be super easy, affordable, and best of all fun party favors, especially for kids’ birthdays or springtime events, like Easter parties.

Need tips for creating your own candy bouquets for your next party? Here are a few to get you started:

  • Pick candies to match a theme or color scheme.
  • Decide whether each bouquet will contain the same candy or be unique.
  • Grab some decorations, such as ribbon and tissue paper in fun colors.

For a full guide to making your own candy bouquets, check out our blog, How to Put Together a DIY Candy Bouquet.

“Guess How Many” Candy Jars

Another super easy DIY project, “Guess How Many” candy jars make the perfect baby shower party favors.

All you need is your favorite unwrapped candy, a mason jar or two, and custom cards guests can use to – yep – guess how many candies are in the jar. You can create your own guessing cards or find themed ones online.

Want to go all out? Fill the jars with personalized candy like M&Ms or mints in pink and blue.

Wedding Favors

Champagne Gummies

Champagne gummies are some of the most popular wedding favors, and it’s no surprise why. Everyone loves a unique gummy flavor, and champagne is perfect for your big day. That way, even kids can participate in the champagne “toast”!

While there may not be much difference between the shapes of different gummy bears, you can have fun with custom labels, favor bags, or boxes.

“Mint to Be” Wedding Mints

If you thought we were done with the mint puns, we’re sorry. These “Mint to Be” bride and groom personalized mint wedding favors are just too cute to pass up.

Whether you go for the classic bride and groom tin, your own take on the custom box, or personalized favor bags, dinner mints are a great way to celebrate how “mint to be” you and your partner are.


Personalized Hershey’s Kisses

Need to provide a snack for the kids’ class Valentine’s Day party? Planning a Christmas office party and want to go the extra mile?

You can’t go wrong with Personalized Hershey’s Kisses. These American classics are a favorite across the country, possibly because they’re so fun to unwrap. Ramp up the joy by planting a surprise custom label on the bottom of each Kiss, whether it be a corporate logo or custom message to someone you love.

Personalized Holiday Candy Cubes

There are two things we love about these personalized party favors: 

  1. You can fill them with anything.
  2. You can give them out at any kind of party.

Whether you’re planning a Halloween party, Christmas party, Valentine’s Day party, or any other holiday occasion, simply grab some customized labels and fill your boxes with candy in themed colors, whether it be orange Skittles or red and green M&Ms.

Personalized York Peppermint Patties

There’s hardly a better match for the chilly winter temperatures than the cool taste of York Peppermint Patties. With custom holiday-themed labels, you can transform these classic treats into a simple and sweet personalized party favor that’s perfect for the holidays.

Love celebrating candy at your parties and events? Check out the rest of our recipes and DIY candy inspo, from candy-themed cocktails to gift ideas and beyond. And if you have a gathering of candy-lovers coming up, whether at home or the office, try one of our specially curated candies or candy gift sets. Learn more today!