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16 Sweet Valentine’s Day Gifts that Aren’t Assorted Chocolates

We’ve entered a new decade, and that means shaking things up when it comes to solving problems – like what to get your friend or significant other for Valentine’s Day! Want to indulge your Valentine’s sweet tooth? Well, 2020 is the year to ditch the classic box of chocolates in favor of one of many more unique, creative options.

Whether you want to show your love with a cute novelty product or stretch your DIY muscles with a thoughtful hand-made gift, there are so many sweet ways to shower your Valentine with love this year. Check out our picks for good Valentine’s Day gifts below!

Candy Club’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Edible Gifts

Personalized Candy

Personalized candy isn’t just for weddings and party favors – it makes for a great gift, too. This gift requires some planning ahead, so it’s probably not the best idea for a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift. But if you’re planning a super special day and want to make it even more special by planting a picture of your boo’s face on some M&M’s, you really can’t go wrong.

Meat and Cheese Set

OK, so this isn’t literally a “sweet” gift, but it is a nice twist on your typical Valentine’s Day fare. Who doesn’t love some gourmet meat and cheese to start off a romantic night of snacking and chatting? Pair with a bottle of wine, and you’ll forget assorted chocolates are even a thing.

Coffee Candy

coffee candy heart

Not all candy lovers are coffee lovers, but those who are represent a truly special breed. If you’ve got one of these in your life, make their (Valentine’s) Day with a selection of coffee candies. They’ll appreciate the pick-me-up, even if they don’t want to share!

Chocolate Game Controller

Is your Valentine an avid gamer? Do they also happen to love chocolate? They might not be able to use their chocolate game controller to actually play their favorite games, but the quirky presentation and delicious taste will hopefully make up for it.

Tea Sampler

tea sampler - valentine's day gift

Maybe your Valentine has sworn off sweets as part of their New Year’s resolution. Maybe they just need a well-deserved break from their hectic life, and herbal tea is their go-to solution. A sampler of gourmet teas is a good Valentine’s Day gift for someone who loves (or needs) to treat themselves but likes to do it with a little bit of class. You might even help them find a new favorite they’ve never tried!

Candy Subscription

candy club box subscription - for valentine's day gift

What’s better than one box of chocolates on one special day? A box of gourmet candy delivered right to your home every month. With a Candy Club subscription, you can get chocolates and so much more. Just choose your Valentine’s favorite – mostly sweets or mostly sours – and get ready to delight them month after month.

Candy Club Valentine’s Day Set

Chocolates are sweet but gummies are fun! Get treats that are as unique and playful as your love. From Sour Smooches, Tiny Tartbeats, and Red Velvet Bites, Candy Club has you covered! Our Valentine’s Day themed candy is sure to please.

DIY Gifts

Candy Bouquet

Great kids’ activity alert! If you’re tired of the same old Valentine’s Day gift basket ideas, a candy bouquet puts a fun twist on the DIY gift concept. You can try out your own candy arranging skills or help the kiddos make a thoughtful gift for friends, classmates, teachers, or parents.

Baked Goods

Bakers, now’s your time to shine. There’s nothing sweeter on Valentine’s Day than a home-baked sweet treat made especially for your Valentine’s tastes. Cookies and cupcakes are always a good choice, but you can also try your hand at one of the many sweets trending these days, like:

Edible Confetti

We love this adorable Valentine’s Day DIY gift idea, especially for classrooms. While it does require some special equipment (namely the tiny cookie cutters), it’s a fun craft that’s well worth the effort. Get the full tutorial for heart-shaped Valentine’s Day edible confetti here!

DIY Candy Sampler

Of course, a good old-fashioned gift basket is always an option! No one can turn down a gift basket filled with their favorite candy, and you can always put a personal twist on your Valentine’s Day DIY gift. Learn how to make candy “medicine jars,” Dad “staches,” candy “tackle boxes” and more in our DIY candy gift guides.

Candy-Themed Gifts

custom candy gifts

Sugar Lip Scrub

Want to put a sweet twist on a non-candy gift? A sugar lip scrub makes for a luxurious self-care gift for any Valentine who loves to pamper herself.

Candy T-Shirt

Help your candy-loving Valentine show their sweet pride with a “Candy is always the answer” T-shirt.

“In Case of Emergency” Shadow Box

This is a good Valentine’s Day gift for both DIYers and non-DIYers alike. You can order one already made or make one yourself. While some choose to fill these with coffee beans, candy works just as well!

Sweets-Themed Gadgets

Does your techie Valentine also happen to love sweet things? Showcase their two obsessions with some candy-themed gadgets, like:

Chocolate Gamer Dice

Delight the sweet-toothed nerd in your life with edible chocolate gamer dice. They won’t necessarily get your Valentine the nat-20 they need to defeat the dragon, but they’ll make for a nice game night snack.

Celebrate Sweetly

We hope this list of good Valentine’s Day gifts helps your Valentine indulge in the sweetest treats life has to offer this February 14. And remember, Candy Club has your candy gift needs covered all year-round.