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Skip The Candy Shop: 5 Creative Gifts For Someone with a Sweet Tooth!

Candy stores used to be a place of nostalgia – who doesn’t remember the cinematic wonder of the candy shop from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory with fondness? But over the past few years, they have been overrun with too many unruly kids and skyrocketing prices.

Not only that, but as candy stores compete for revenue from online sales and larger retailers, they end up with unique candy gifts like Pickle Flavored Soda that no one was even asking for in the first place. We know that when you’re shopping for creative gifts for a candy-lover, you just want to buy them classic (albeit thoughtful) candy! The good news is that there are still so many ways you can find the perfect unique candy gifts for sweet-toothed loved ones.  

For one thing, shopping for candy online has never been easier. And with so many options out there, you will be able to find the perfect gift for anyone who has a massive sweet tooth. You can also DIY many of these gift ideas–making it even more personal and unique!

With this in mind, here are five unique candy gifts to help you surprise your loved one!

Candy Club Candy Box Subscription

Overhead view of an open Candy Club candy subscription box

The Candy Club candy box is the perfect gift for any occasion and any age. With a Candy Club box, your loved one will receive a box of their favorite sweets right at their door every month. You can customize their “taste profile” so that the gourmet candy in each box is curated for their preferences. What better gift is there for the ultimate sweet tooth?

To learn more about our subscriptions and the joy our candy brings, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Candy Bouquets

pink gummy candy bouquet

Are you tempted to give flowers for an occasion like Mother’s Day or a Graduation party? Instead of a bouquet of roses, consider a bouquet of candy. This is one of our absolute favorite creative gifts for candy lovers because it’s an edible (and oh so sweet!) twist on a familiar favorite.

You can buy candy bouquets in-store or customize your own to match a theme…Paydays bars, for example, are great for a promotion! A candy bouquet is also an easy and fun DIY gift that will definitely lead to some leftover candy for yourself.

Treat Towers

When you want to go for magnitude to impress the receiver, treat towers will help. Treat towers usually come in the shape of square boxes, with each one being slightly smaller than the other. The boxes are filled with candy and stacked on top of each other. The treat tower is then held together with a ribbon, tied in a bow at the top.

The treat tower is like the jewelry box of candy. Choose classic colors for the boxes such as a Tiffany’s blue and arrange the candy in a way that the colors flow together to create a sophisticated and stunning gift for a sweet-toothed friend.

Personalized or Custom Candy

The only thing better than candy is personalized candy! You can reprint candy bar labels to spell out unique messages or names. Another idea is to make gummy candy in different shapes (this DIYer made a whole Sprite bottle out of Jello!)

M&M’s offer their own special customization options too–like the image of a bride and groom printed on M&M’s in the color of your choice — a sweet gift to give to your love on your wedding day.

Sweet Medicine Jars

Small glass jar filled with colorful round candy pieces

Sweet medicine jars are perfect for the overwhelmed parent or a stressed-out student in the midst of finals. For this unique candy gift, find a pretty glass jar and fill it with “sweet medicine” like smarties or cola bottles; wine gums or gummy bears. Stick a label on the jar with “medical” information – something like “Chill Pills” – and bring some sweetness to someone who is going through a hard time. Not only is this a creative gift for a candy lover, but it’s also a super caring act for a friend in need!

Candy: The Perfect Gift for Any Occasion

The candy shop is a thing of the past. Nowadays, you can use technology, collective wisdom, and a little thoughtfulness to come up with the most creative gifts for candy lovers. Give your loved one some sweet treats for the next occasion that they won’t expect!

As you browse for unique candy lover gift ideas, don’t forget to check out the gift boxes available at Candy Club.