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Guide to Planning the Ultimate Pool Party

Summer’s here, school’s out, and people are more relaxed and vacationing (or staycationing). Perfect excuses to throw a pool party for your nearest and dearest!

All you really need is a pool, swimsuits, and towels to have a good time. But there’s nothing wrong with putting in a little extra effort and making it a formal bash. Read on for our guidance and suggestions for some great pool party ideas.

Safety First

Planning a party around the pool is a cause for stricter safety precautions. Never leave small children unattended in the pool. Consider hiring a dedicated lifeguard or making your pool shallow.

You don’t want any accidents around your pool, generally caused by slipping. Forbid running around the pool edges, and make guests accountable for each other. You can install a temporary fence if you are really concerned.

Purchase life preservers, place them around the perimeter, and briefly inform each guest about the safety measures in place as they arrive.

The List & Pool Party Ideas

No great event was ever planned willy-nilly. Lists are your best friend to ensure that everything goes exactly as planned. Lists will also help you develop your budget, so you kill two birds with one stone. 

Even the best pool party ideas need proper planning to be pulled off!

Here’s what you need on your list:

  • Number of guests
  • Food & drinks
  • Equipment
  • Entertainment
  • Activities
  • Notices to neighbors
  • Purchasing deadlines
  • Invitations

Number of Guests

You need to have a rough idea of how many guests you’ll have to determine how much food and drink to buy. The space you have will restrict the number of guests you can invite. Not all pools have extensive back gardens to go with them.

Ultimate pool parties can still be intimate. Creating an awesome experience for a handful of people will be as impactful and fun as a sprawling party of over 100 guests. 

Food & Drinks

Will you provide all this yourself? Or will you hire a caterer? Pool parties aren’t sit-down events, so you don’t need to worry about a three-course meal, but you do need to provide:

  • Light snacks (chips, sandwiches, popcorn…)
  • Something hot (chicken wings, BBQ…)
  • Desserts (cupcakes, ice cream, candy…)
  • Sodas and juices
  • Beer or cocktails for adult guests

It will be cheaper to do it yourself, but if you feel stressed about organizing the food and beverages, you can always hire someone. That way all your time won’t be consumed by coming and going to replenish your buffet tables.

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You can go all out and hire a caterer that’ll provide everything (tables included), or someone local looking to earn some summer bucks by waiting tables. You prepare everything, and they serve under your supervision.


You will need tables, without a doubt. Camping tables are great – light and easy to store. Not a bad investment if you’re considering throwing a few pool parties over the next 15 years. You can also chip in with your neighbors and have the tables shared across events. 

You don’t need a chair for each person, but you do need to have sun loungers. Three sets of five sun loungers should be perfect for any pool. If you find it difficult to find providers in your area, opt for outdoor lounge furniture. They’re still comfortable and sit snuggly around rented tables.

Will you hire a DJ? Will you install lighting? Are you planning to use your iPhone and speaker dock? Note all this so you can adequately prepare: hiring, installation, charging, budgeting, etc. 

In our opinion, a professional DJ with strobe lights is a great idea for the ultimate pool party.


Yes, DJs fall under this category, but depending on the party reason, you might hire extra entertainment. If kids are to be present, consider a clown, face painter, and maybe even a puppet show to distract the little angels for an hour or so.

Professional performers often are booked up in advance, so don’t leave it to the last minute. Get it on your list as soon as possible!


Pool parties can have fun activities for children and adults. Marco-Polo, anyone? Alison Allsopp from CountryLiving has already gone to the effort of creating a list of 19 pool games to play this summer, so check it out!

Knowing what games you will play and when will prevent lulls. No one likes a lull at a party. However, your event doesn’t have to have back-to-back planned activities. Make participation optional. Many people are simply happy to sit by the pool eating candy and watching others have fun!

Notices to Neighbors

If your neighbors are within hearing distance, you must notify them of the expected noise levels. It’s always better to ask for permission rather than forgiveness. A friendly note informing them of the date and time range should suffice. You can even extend an invitation to them!

This buffers the shock a neighbor will experience when suddenly 30 people are chatting, laughing, and splashing in a pool, with possible music and even more laughter. 

Purchasing Deadlines

This is so important. When doing your research for the items on your list, make a note of the last date of delivery from online retailers and renters. Depending on your party theme, you might be ordering a lot of decorations online – it’s cheaper and gets delivered right to your door! However, you don’t want shipping to be delayed and find yourself hosting a bare pool party. Same goes for ordering candy

Making a note of these deadlines on your list will help you not forget when to make your orders. 


Send your invitations in advance. This both prepares people to block the date for your party and allows people the time to RSVP in time for you to make your food and drink shopping lists, equipment rentals, and so on.

Digital invitations are easy for you and guests. Send them via text, create a Facebook event, or send in an email – no one can deny receiving it. Don’t be afraid to follow up, but be persistent. You are planning the ultimate pool party, after all!

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