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5 Tropical Candies to Sweeten Your Stay-cation

Stay-cations are an awesome way to spend your time off. There is so much to discover in your hometown when you’re not stressing about work or your kid’s activities! It’s not at all boring, we promise you, and neither should it have to be.

So if you can’t spare the time or budget for a trip around the world, there’s nothing wrong with discovering your own backyard. Relax, walk, hike, have a party – the options are endless. And by snacking on the tropical candies on this list, you can feel like you’re in a beachy paradise without having to leave your couch!

Tropical Drops

A heavenly blend of pineapple and coconut in one discreet bite. Tropical Drops are great to keep in your purse (and to yourself).

You’re standing in your kitchen gazing out the window at your kids having a water fight with the garden hose. The worry begins to creep in–muddy footprints on your marble floor, grass stains on new white t-shirts, hair that needs to be washed and detangled…

With these tropical candies, you can pop one into your mouth and dispel those negative thoughts. Let yourself be taken away to an island far, far away, where other people wash your clothes and detangle your hair!

Pineapple Rings

The perfect gateway candy to get your kids eating fruit, these yellow, tropical-flavored candies are just plain fun! With their bright yellow color and sour sugary coating, you can time out any reckless play.

It’s hot. It’s summer. School’s out, and your kids are at home. Keeping them under control without the rigid school schedule is challenging, not to mention the emotions brought on by the heat and restlessness.

Introducing Pineapple Rings will help distract them for a sweet moment. You can even throw a spontaneous yellow-themed party that the kids have to decorate–all thanks to these sweet tropical candies.

Mango Sour Belts

Have a kid who decided to become vegan at the beginning of the summer break? Then buy their love with some delicious mango-flavored sour belts. One way to really win them over is to make some homemade mango sorbet and sprinkle it with chopped mango sour belts.

Perfect idea for mango ice cream, too; treat yourself to a tropical-laden dessert!

Pucker Up! Who says sweet can’t be a little sour? If you like your treats to pack a punch, check out Candy Club’s selection of sour gummies, bites, laces and more. Shop Candy Club Sours

Focus On The Good

As part of our mindfulness series, these tropical-flavored candies are the perfect accompaniment to any home retreat. They’re chewy, colorful, and bursting with flavor.

Stay in your home and cleanse your soul. The best part about a stay-cation is that you are familiar with your surroundings. There aren’t any strangers walking around, no anxiety.

Be inspired by these candies! Clear out one room and dedicate it to yoga, meditation, and tranquility–dedicate it to you.

Watermelon Slices

Just like the real thing, with none of the seeds and more of the sweetness. Watermelons taste fresh but can be pretty messy. Sticky chins and hands are usually the aftermath.

Free yourself from all that trouble during your stay-cation and dish out these candies instead. You do know your kids will love you for this, right? Well, if it’s not the truth, they’ll undoubtedly appreciate you more, we swear!

You can even serve them alongside real watermelon slices on a candy table at a party or locked away in the cupboard for only you to enjoy, whichever works best!

Time to Mango Groove in the Tropical Rain

A stay-cation is not the time to clean your house or organize your finances. Would you do that on vacation in Hawaii? No, you wouldn’t.

Order your candy online, have it delivered to your door, pump up the tropical tunes, put on your straw hat, and relax!