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Six Sweet Summer Party Themes

Summer is here, the days are longer, and the need to be outdoors to enjoy the sun to its max is heavily upon us. What better excuse to hang out outdoors than a party? 

Your garden is your greatest asset this summer, and we’re here to present to you the endless number of party themes you can enjoy. 

Celebrate with your family, party with your friends, show off to your neighbors, or simply rejoice in summer being healthy and alive. 

What different party themes are there?

This list is non-exhaustive, but that’s why you’re here! We’ve combed through the different themes and selected the best regarding relevancy (party guests!), fun factor, budget, and creativity. 

Backyard BBQ Party

This is the most classic garden party you can throw, and it’s good for food, friends, and laughter. Whether you are just three or thirty, BBQ parties are easy to organize and manage. 

To help with food, suggest that guests bring a dish with them. Slaw, potato salad, chips, candy, and meat. A BBQ can get very expensive very fast when you find yourself buying socially responsible meat at the store.

If everybody brings something, there’ll be enough for everyone. Think sausages, steaks, and burger patties. Tell people also to bring their plates if you don’t want to use paper plates.

Remember, BBQs are not just for carnivores! You can grill Mediterranean veggies (eggplant, bell peppers, zucchini, and onion), fish in aluminum with lemon, and old-school cans of beans. With the sides on offer, any vegan can still feel welcome!

Don’t forget your grilled marshmallows for dessert!

Backyard Dinner Party

Dinners are such an elegant party to throw. You have the table layout, the seating plan, conversational topics, and the food you choose to serve. Bring all that outdoors, and you’ve turned something elegant into something boho-chic!

If you wish to impress and go off without a hitch, hire some waiters. They serve the dishes when they’re ready, without needing to leave the table or engage the conversation. They will also pour the wine to ensure everyone’s glass is topped! You can stay seated throughout the meal and not worry too much about serving times and drinks.

At a dinner party, you decide on the dress code. You can choose black-tie, boho-chic, dressy casual, tropic casual; you name it. Just choose something that will be fun!

Speaking of fun, you can turn your garden dinner party into a Murder Mystery. These games outline the menu for the evening, different characters with dress suggestions, drinks suggestions, decorations, everything. And it’s a lot of fun, too. 

Lemonade Party

Go back to your roots – your childhood where life was simple, and you sold lemonade at the curb during summer. That’s the essence you’re trying to capture with a lemonade party: simplicity, innocence, sweetness, and fun!

Colors for this theme include yellow, white, and green, with wooden pallet stands and furniture. 

This summer party theme is great for kids’ birthday parties. You can make your own lemonade in a few different flavors and have a lemon-flavored birthday cake shaped like a lemon with bunting, party hats, and plastic table coverings. And don’t hesitate to grab some lemonade-flavored candies!

Check out Kristen’s blog for more details and expert tips.

Luau Party

Aloha to your friends! Luau parties, or Hawaiian parties, are fun, festive occasions where you dress up, eat, drink, and party till sunrise. Maybe not so much in your neighborhood backyard, but still possible to a degree! 

Think floral decor with a pineapple-laden menu. There are Luau cocktails and mocktails you can prepare, and don’t forget to pull out your BBQ for this feast! Here’s a list of specialized Luau finger foods that are easy for anyone to prepare.

Luau parties are also a fun photo op. Have your friends and family pose for photos in front of a fake volcano or floral arch. Photographs are a great keepsake, and they boost your party-planning expertise. 

Candy Party

No surprise that this is CandyClub’s favorite summer party theme! Kids and adults alike love candy. It’s sweet, colorful, and perfect for any summer party. Whether it’s a kid’s birthday or just a sultry August afternoon, you can pull off a candy party, no questions asked.

The best way to organize this is to choose your favorite candies, then set up a stall (and mini-theme!) for each of them. 

Take pineapple rings as an example: your color is yellow, bright, and sunshine. Paint your stall yellow with yellow bunting, and have yellow hula-hoops available for guests to try. Introduce party games of who can spin the hoop the most for a prize of, you guessed it, candy!

With sour strawberry candies, you can create a strawberry and cream theme. Have your stall painted red and off-white, have bowls of real strawberries, strawberry Jell-O, and the perfect straw-hat decorating activity. 

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You get the drill. All candy goes here, from licorice to nutty and chocolate to toffee. Sours, gummies, drops; laces, wheels, clusters – go all out and get full-on creative. 

Baby Shower

Baby showers are a great excuse to have a party. You get to celebrate a life that has yet to be born, give gifts to the expectant parents, invite friends and family, and have an adorable baby theme. 

Use lots of balloons, cupcakes, dainty lace table coverings, and paper plates that are soft pinks, blues, and yellows. Place rubber duckies around the place and create a treasure hunt where guests can find diapers (clean!), soothers, baby socks, and the like. Plan some activities or games for guests to play, and consider having a candy table to satiate any sweet tooth.

Out of respect to the guest of honor, serve non-alcoholic drinks, a.k.a. mocktails.

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