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How to Have an Eggs-ellent Easter Egg Hunt

Easter and Spring always coincide. We’re coming out of the cold weather, the sun is more present in the sky, and the promise of chocolate eggs has the kids jumping up and down with excitement.  But how to ensure the day is a memorable one? Do you know how to pull off the most eggs-ellent Easter hunt?

Here at Candy Club, we’ve laid out an eggs-quisite plan that you just can’t egg-nore… and without all the puns, we promise!

Creating your plan

Just like any successful project, there is a checklist. Checklists are the backbone to events, even backyard egg hunts. So here is your first checklist:

  • Location
  • Props
  • Timeline
  • Sending invites
  • Shopping list
  • Booking special guest (optional)


Find the perfect location for your Easter Egg Hunt. At this stage, you should compile your guest list. Get an idea of how many kids (and adults) will be potentially present. If you come from a large family or wish to build a community event, you will need a larger location. 

If big is where your list is bringing you, check out local green areas, or call up the neighbor with the biggest yard. You can easily plan an event that won’t be taking place in your own home, although not opening it to the public and keeping it invite-only will be safer for everyone.

Remember that this is an Easter Egg Hunt, and you need a place with awesome hiding places – think shrubbery, flower pots, trees, long grass, rocks. However, don’t get too overwhelmed with finding a flushed meadow; that’s where props come in!


Do you want your Easter Egg Hunt to stand out and be memorable? Set the scene. You do it for Christmas and for Halloween – now it’s Easter’s turn to shine and show off its true colors. You can either buy or create your yard hunt props. Think giant rabbits, colorful cut-out eggs, and streamers, lots and lots of streamers.

Your color palette:

  • Yellow
  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Green
  • White

Use large cardboard boxes, cut out the forms and paint on rabbits and egg designs. If your location lacks sufficient hiding places, create fake shrubs and miniature trees out of cardboard. Anything is possible with a little bit of imagination.


Create a timeline for the day, making notes of every step. Trust us–this will help the day run smoothly. You need to note the time of arrival, beginning of the hunt, how long it will last, refreshments, activities, games, special guests, and home time. 

Kids are harder to keep in line, so don’t be too rigorous with your timeline. After all, the main goal is that everyone has fun. However, you don’t want to be second-guessing if another parent comes to you asking when the magician is coming.

Sending Invites

Invites can vary depending on your budget. You can make formal invites in envelopes decorated with eggs and rabbits or simply send a text message.

It’s a good idea to give at least seven days’ notice. This will allow your guests time to respond. Always plan ahead of time. The longer, the better. Don’t forget to send a reminder closer to the date!

Shopping List

The following supplies can help you succeed on the big day:

  • Real white-shell chicken-laid eggs to decorate
  • Food coloring
  • Facepaint
  • Paint for decorating/decorations (streamers, bunny and egg cut-outs)
  • Easter cake or ingredients for a homemade cake
  • Chocolate eggs and bunnies for the hunt
  • Candy!

Bonus: Booking a Special Guest

It’s not uncommon to see magicians at Easter Egg Hunts or clowns who make balloon animals. If you have the budget, and the audience, add an extra wow factor to the day and hire a special guest. You won’t regret it, but the day isn’t a failure if you don’t have one. 

What activities to organize for a successful Easter Egg Hunt? 

Activities are an excellent way for the day to continue on a high. If you depend solely on the hunt, you risk drop-off points of kids getting bored and throwing sugar-fuelled tantrums. 

Activity One: Egg Decorating

Prepare the eggs at home by hollowing them out. Stick a pin to make a hole in both sides of the egg and blow out the contents. Breaking the yolk will make this run a lot smoother! Alternatively, you can use hard-boiled eggs.

Have six different bowls already prepared with water, vinegar, and food coloring for the party. Let the kids come and dip the eggs into whatever colors they want, doing half-and-half designs or wrapping elastic bands around the eggs to give them funky designs.

Activity Two: Mask Making

Masks are so much fun! Create two templates: an egg and a rabbit. Let the kid decide what they want, cut it out (or if they’re bigger, they can do it themselves), and decorate them!

Activity Three: Basket Making

This activity is a bit more complicated and takes some time, but if it is an intimate party of close family members, it’s a great way to distract the kids for an hour while you prepare for the hunt. We suggest recycling old magazines and weaving your Easter Egg Hunt baskets. Jasmine shows a great way to build DIY Recycled Baskets on YouTube!

Activity Four: The Hunt

The Easter Egg Hunt is the main activity for the day. To have kids eggs-cited, offer a prize to the one with the most eggs! We suggest a giant chocolate egg as the prize and sacks of mini chocolate eggs for the consolation prizes. 

Leaving chocolate eggs out can be a risk, as they tend to melt, which is no fun for anyone.  Avoid this by using fillable plastic eggs. Easter egg fillers can be varying and fun! 

Easter egg fillers:

  • Candy (check out Candy Club’s selection)
  • Hair accessories
  • Toy cars (like Hotwheels)
  • Beads 
  • Marbles
  • Ribbon (for other activities like mask-making)
  • Temporary tattoos
  • Stickers
  • Bouncy balls
  • And so much more! This awesome website has an even more extensive list

Enjoy your ultimate Easter Egg Hunt plan!

So there you have it! The perfect plan will last all day and have kids and adults alike talking about your hunt for years to come. Just remember to plan to avoid disappointment, confusion, and tears!Need to stock up on sweet treats for the big day? Order candy from Candy Club to be delivered right to your doorstep.