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20 Non-Chocolate Candies You’ll Love

Drops to quickly pop in your mouth

  1. Tropical Drops (gluten-free): Chewy, round, and bursting with a pineapple and coconut flavor. Tropical Drops are the go-to candy for exotic fruit lovers. These chewy candies are gluten-free and pack a lot more attitude than they show.  
  2. Confetti Drops: Speaking of drops, why not move a level up and get these addictive Confetti Drops? Coated in very colorful nonpareils, which, translated from French, means “not equal” – just like these refreshing chewies. You won’t find anything else like our Confetti Drops.
  3. Dragon Eggs: Fall into your favorite mystical fantasy with these watermelon-flavored chewies. Become your own GOT dragon keeper or slay one for your princess’s heart–either way, it’s you who gets to gobble up all the eggs after.

All things sour and sweet

  1. Mango Sour Belts: Long and sugary and sour, these exotic fruit-flavored sour belts are delish. They’ll have your mouth exploding with a tropical and tangy taste. Still, they’re on the softer side of sour for a less extreme-sour sensation. 
  2. Green Apple Sour Belt: This green apple belt is the perfect combination of tart, sweet, tangy, and very sour. If you like your eyes to scrunch up while eating candy, then this is the one to bring home with you. 
  3. Black Cherry Sours (Gluten-Free): Chewy blackberry drops with a sour twist – now we’ve got your attention. They look harmless, but their explosive taste will have you grabbing for more. What makes them even better than your average sour? They’re gluten-free.
  4. Cosmic Sours: Travel to the moon and back with these sour candies in the shape of stars and moons. A great treat for kids to play with. Try naming all the planets to win a few!
  5. Sour Twin Cherries (non-GMO): Twin cherries are a classic gummy, but our sour versions are plump and juicy. With non-GMO ingredients, they’re fantastically cherry and pleasantly sour, all in one bite.

Good ‘ol gummy bears (and penguins?)

  1. Blossom Bears: We all know and love gummy bears, so why not meet their five-flavored relatives, the Blossom Bears? Each one is a delight of fruit-flavored taste. Topped with a sweet sugar coating, they’re delicious for the whole family. 
  2. Triple Decker Sour Bears: These jumbo gummy bears are packing a little more attitude than the rest. Three layers of gummy goodness with a bang of sourness from the tart fruity flavor, you could easily nurse a cup of these bad boys through three Netflix episodes. 
  3. Penguin Parade: If you’re looking for something new, you must pick up these gummy penguins. Not only are they adorable, they’re also a huge success with kids, and their peach flavor gives them a fruitiness not to be missed. 

Chase the rainbow with these must-haves

  1. Rainbow Laces: Colorful, fruity, and very long, these rainbow laces can be eaten delicately, one bite at a time, or slurped up like spaghetti. Get tangled in a rainbow display of sweet candy! 
  2. Rainbow Twistettes: Give licorice the boost and opt for these tart, sweet, colorful twistettes. Count the colors and choose which is your fruity favorite. 
  3. Rainbow Blox: Creamy center – yes, you read that correctly. As a non-chocolate candy, this one truly beats the competition: rainbow colors, tangy-sweet, and with a creamy center. Just click the link for your ticket to candy heaven. 

Licorice – Have a wheel of a time

  1. Strawberry Wheels (non-GMO): Let us not completely diss licorice. The taste of licorice can bring you right back to your childhood, but now it’s tastier with this non-GMO strawberry version. Unroll the wheel or bite directly into it, you decide. 
  2. Rainbow Wheels: These are doubled, yes! Two-tone, two colors, two fruity licorice flavors, one wheel.  Fun for the whole family to enjoy! Or you on your own at your work desk, we’ll be discreet if you can!
Treat yourself! Cupcakes, cookies & cream - oh my! From cotton candy taffy to cookie dough bites, Candy Club’s selection has something to satisfy every kind of sweet tooth.

Taffy – A lot to chew on

  1. Cotton Candy Taffy (gluten-free): Save yourself a trip to the local fair this year and get these whipped cotton candy-flavored taffies, whipped to give that unctuous texture you so love and desire. And to beat all else, they’re gluten-free. 
  2. Caramel Apple Taffy: For a non-chocolate candy, this caramel apple flavor taffy melts on your tongue with a slight salt-water bite. Great for kids and seniors who don’t want to be chewing the whole afternoon!

The nutters

  1. Maple Nut Clusters: Nut candies are usually doused in chocolate, but not these. Held together with maple syrup, these peanut candies will be hard to squirrel away for later. Go on, give it a try!
  2. Cinnamon Spice Almonds: Looking to up the nut game? Then these almonds, coated in cinnamon spice, are a perfect treasure for your tastebuds. Crunchy and delicious, a snack for any time of the day. 

Which ones will you choose? 

Now you have it, a well-furnished list of non-chocolate candies to keep you going, well, till Easter maybe. Life isn’t all chocolate and roses, it’s also sugar and spice.

If any of these piqued your tastebuds, or you want to browse others, head on over to our shop to feast your eyes on our delicious selection!