Happy St. Patrick's Day
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Six Green Candies to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

For grownups, St. Patrick’s Day conjures images of pubs and beer, but this holiday has so much to offer for the whole family. After all, who doesn’t remember hunting for leprechauns and pots of gold at the end of the rainbow back in elementary school? So if you’re feeling nostalgic, sweeten up your St. Paddy’s Day this year with delicious candies as green as the Irish hills. Keep reading to see Candy Club’s favorite green candies and learn how to order them in time for the big day.

St. Patrick’s Day Candy: Sweet, Sour, and Everything in Between

1. Dragon Eggs

According to legend, Saint Patrick became Ireland’s main patron saint by driving the “snakes” from the island. While this story is actually an allegory for the way Saint Patrick drove paganism out of Ireland and helped replace it with Christianity, you have to admit the myth is pretty fun – especially if you celebrate with some mythical treats!

Candy Club’s green Dragon Eggs will transport you to a magical past full of fantastic beasts and noble heroes. Plus, early descriptions of dragons resembled giant snakes, so we’d say this sweet treat makes for a perfect St. Patrick’s Day candy.

2. Big Apples

In the mood for something a little more traditional? Apples may be an American favorite, but these bright green sour gummies look like they could have been picked straight out of a field of shamrocks. Sour candy fans love the tart flavor, chewy texture, and sweet sugar coating, and the pretty apple shape is just plain fun to eat!

3. Green Apple Sour Belts

Love sour apple candies but prefer a belt-style treat? Pick up a cup of Green Apple Sour Belts and be transported to green apple heaven. Unfortunately this is a belt you can’t actually wear, so you’d better remember to still put on something green if you don’t want to get pinched!

4. Sour Apple Laces

No, these aren’t shoelaces, so these won’t get you off the hook either – but they will give your taste buds a pinch. A handful of these sugar-coated Sour Apple Laces is sure to make any St. Patrick’s Day just that much better. If you can’t get enough of sour candies, order a cup along with some Green Apple Sour Belts and Big Apples, and throw them together for a sour St. Patrick’s Day candy feast!

Pucker Up! Who says sweet can’t be a little sour? If you like your treats to pack a punch, check out Candy Club’s selection of sour gummies, bites, laces and more. Shop Candy Club Sours

5. Puttin’ On the Ritz

If you like your treats more sweet than sour, don’t worry – Candy Club has you covered with St. Patrick’s Day candy that won’t pucker your lips, even if you are wearing a “Kiss Me I’m Irish” shirt! If you like a chocolate-mint combo, try our limited edition Puttin’ On the Ritz cookie malt balls. These decadent treats are coated with pretty green mint chocolate and speckled with chocolate chips – but they’re only available while supplies last, so don’t hesitate to order!

6. Van Gogh’s Self-Portrait

Love mint but not chocolate? We’ve got something for you too! Inspired by the bright colors of Van Gogh’s paintings, our green Self-Portrait mint disks are just as pretty to look at as they are deliciously sweet to eat. Another limited edition candy, these won’t last forever, so grab them while you can.

Bonus: Rainbow Sour Belts

It would be a shame to talk about St. Patrick’s Day candy without mentioning some rainbow treats. If you’re hoping to find a magical pot of gold this St. Paddy’s Day, it can’t hurt to stock up on some rainbow-themed candies, like our Rainbow Sour Belts. We can’t guarantee you’ll find any treasure, but at least your taste buds will be happy!

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