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What is National Candy Month?

June brings so many things to look forward to, from Pride Month to Father’s Day. If that weren’t enough, did you know it’s also National Candy Month? That’s right! Thanks to the National Confectioners Association, June is the sweetest month of the year – a time to celebrate the joy candy brings to our lives. At Candy Club, we obviously couldn’t agree more!

So to kick off this delicious time of year, we’re bringing you the sweetest candy fun facts, plus ideas for celebrating National Candy Month.

Fun facts for National Candy Month

Favorite summer treats

According to the National Confectioners Association, their 2022 reports show that Americans prefer chocolate, gummies, and taffy during the summer months. It seems like even when the temperatures rise, Americans are willing to risk meltage to enjoy some chocolate treats!

Favorite summer flavors

The NCA goes on to mention that Americans’ favorite candy flavors for the warmer months are watermelon, cherry, and strawberry. Yum… bring on the fruit flavors!

Sweet snacks for the road

NCA surveys report that 83% of people planning to take road trips this summer will bring along candy or chocolate. They also say that candy is popular to bring to the beach and on camping trips.

Beach sweets

A certain kind of candy holds a special place in the culture of the American coast: saltwater taffy. It was invented in Atlantic City and continues to be a popular treat associated with beachgoers up and down the East coast.

S’more, please!

It’s suspected that one of the most iconic summer chocolate treats, the S’more, was named by the Girl Scouts. The NCA says there is a recipe for chocolate and roasted marshmallows on graham crackers in the 1927 Girl Scouts Handbook.

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How to Celebrate National Candy Month

Make some S’mores

It’s the season for camping trips and bonfires! So break out the skewers, open a bag of marshmallows, and show off your roasting skills to your friends and loved ones. Whether you like your mallow gently golden brown or totally charred, there’s no wrong way to make a S’more. And with this treat, you get to celebrate two American treasures – the summer campout and Hershey’s chocolate!

Bring candy to your next potluck

Summer is the season for barbecues and backyard bashes. Why not share the sweetness and feature candy at your next summer party? Create candy party favors, make a candy buffet table, or have ice cream sundaes with candy on top. Just make sure your sweet treats don’t melt in the heat!

Play candy games

The kids are home from school, and they need to be entertained! Whether you’re hosting a kids’ birthday party, want to keep the young ones occupied while you man the grill at your own get-together, or have a competitive streak yourself, there are tons of fun, creative candy games to play the next time you have people over.

The candy bar game is especially great for all ages and all occasions!

Make your own candy

There’s no better way to celebrate National Candy Month than trying your hand at making your own confections! Whether you want to polish your skills or are a total beginner, there are lots of candy recipes you can try, from advanced to quick and easy. This is another great activity to get the kids involved in as they enjoy those lazy summer days.

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Happy National Candy Month! How are you celebrating?