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The Best Candy Toppings for Ice Cream

Summer is synonymous with ice cream. You can’t have one without the other. There’s nothing more satisfying than bringing home a gallon of plain vanilla ice cream (or any other ice cream flavors) and devising candy-fuelled experiments in the kitchen to enjoy lounging about in the garden on yet another hot summer’s day.

In fact, the only way you can go wrong with ice cream is by forgetting the most important ingredient: toppings!

Well, if you find yourself tired of the same old plain old, then read on for 32 exciting ice cream toppings that can blast your summer day to a tropical paradise.

Enhanced Old Reliables

Who doesn’t love a classic? There’s nothing wrong with topping your ice cream with some old favorites, borne out of tradition. The candies below are perfect toppings for a classic sundae:

Nutty Caramel Clusters

Crush these candies and add them to your favorite ice cream or infuse them in your homemade frozen yogurt. The magic three, really: chocolate, nuts, and caramel–can’t go wrong!

Mermaid Pearls

These daintily shelled chocolate pearls are the perfect edition for your chocolate sundae. Marvel your kids with stories of mermaids and the vast, open sea. 

Coconut Haystacks

Every country dweller has at least one summer romance with haystack rolling. Why not relive those times but with a coconut kick! Don’t forget that chocolate coating…

Summer Cruising

Car drives with the roof down, hair blowing in the wind, straw hat, sunglasses… These candy toppings will transport you to a vintage summer day while giving your ice cream a tart twist. If you love gummies, you’ll love these candy toppings for your ice cream!

Cherry Cola Bottles

Cherry cola is a classic and a flavor to really turn up the heat. Chop them up into small pieces and sprinkle onto your sundae!

Lemonade Rings

You can get real creative with these rings. In a bowl, place one ring, then a small scoop of ice cream, then another ring, another scoop, and so on until you have a (leaning) tower of sweetness!

Lemonade Straws

Add a sweet and sour kick to your bowl of ice cream with these pink lemonade straws.

Pink Cadillacs 

Fruit-flavored gummies in the shape of a Cadillac? You’ve never seen anything like ’em before, and you’ve never tasted anything so good either! Get your hands on these Candy Club favorites for your next ice cream party.

Cotton Candy Sour Belts

Pretend you’re at the local county fair by lining your sundaes with these delicious sour candy cotton flavored candy belts.

Patriotic Rings

Ice cream on the 4th of July is a great way to cool down on this hot, festive day. Place a few on top of each bowl of ice cream or cone, and you won’t even need other decorations!

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Animal Farm

Not quite the dystopian future of Orwell, but rather the usual summer animals we love and adore. Ever say a puppy was so cute you could eat it? Well, you can do that with this zoo-tastic selection below:

Dolphin Buddies

Blue raspberry dolphin-shaped gummies decorating your ice cream are much better than any boat tour!

Sour Gummy Octopus

Hide these leggy sours in your ice cream and pretend to be a deep-sea diver – fun for both kids and adults, we promise!


Identify yourself as someone who likes a good book at the beach? Give these bookworm sours a place in your sundae to celebrate your favorite pastime to the world.

Gummy Butterflies

We prefer not to promote butterfly catching; instead, add these delicious candies to your kids’ ice cream for a perfect garden party treat.

Jellyshell Sea Turtles

Colorful and sweet – mix with a blueberry and vanilla ice cream to recreate the beautiful sea turtle migration.

Starfish Sweeties

Now we’re really at the beach! Starfish-shaped candies are a must-have for any ice cream concoction this summer. 

Gummy Lobsters

Pretend you’re dining at a luscious French restaurant on the Côte d’Azur with these mini red lobsters. 

Mango Chili Bears

Mangos are the perfect summer fruit. Spice up your fruity ice cream with these new and improved gummy bears!

Penguin Parade

Kids go wild with these candies. Add them to your frozen yogurt to recreate penguin sliding this summer. 

Fruitti Tutti

Make your plain vanilla ice cream fruitilicious with any of these candies: 

Bring on the summer sundaes!

We hope this list helps you spice up your summertime desserts. For more unique sweet treats, check out Candy Club. We’ve got your candy needs covered all year long!