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Popular Baby Shower Games Involving Candy

A baby shower is a chance to let loose and have some fun before the responsibilities of motherhood take over. And what better way to have fun than with a little friendly competition? Friendly competition with candy, of course. So if you’re planning a baby shower, consider playing one of these hilarious baby shower candy games.

Name That Poop/The Dirty Diaper Game

Okay, so most of us don’t want to think about food and baby poop at the same time. But since becoming a mom is all about getting out of your comfort zone, that’s what makes this baby shower candy game so fun – and funny!

The idea for this baby shower candy game is to smoosh or melt chocolate bars into diapers so they look “dirty,” then have guests try to guess what candy bars are in each diaper. It’s gross, it’s tasty, and most players agree it’s hilarious.

What You’ll Need

  • Candy bars – most sources suggest at least six types. Some suggest using two fun-sized candy bars for each type per diaper, which would give you a total of 12 candy bars. However, you can do whatever works best for you!
  • A diaper for each type of candy bar (again, at least six)
  • Markers to label the diapers and create a key to keep track of which candy bar you put in each diaper
  • Pens or pencils and paper for guests

How to Play

  1. First smoosh, microwave, or otherwise melt the candy bars and smear them inside the diapers. For the classic game, put only one type of candy bar in each diaper. For a variation, however, you can mix two or three different types of candy bars, and award different numbers of points to guests for guessing some vs. all of the contents of each diaper.
  2. Using a marker, number each diaper. Then write down which type of candy bar(s) you put in each diaper so you can keep score when the guesses come in.
  3. Pass the diapers around the room and let guests smell, touch, and even taste the chocolate. Guests should use pens/pencils and paper to write down their guesses for each numbered diaper.
  4. Create a points system for awarding points to correct guesses. If you’re using candy combinations, you can award 1 point for guessing one correct candy and 2 points for both.
  5. The guest with the most points at the end wins!

Candy Bar Matching Game

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The best thing about the candy bar matching game is that there are so many options for how to play. All versions of this classic baby shower candy game, however, boil down to matching common pregnancy concepts and phrases with popular candy bar names. “Contractions” become “Whoppers,” “a baby girl’s name” becomes “Baby Ruth,” and so on.

As you can guess, lots of different combinations are possible. We’ve seen “Lifesavers” be used for both “Grandparents” and “Epidurals,” for example. You can find adorable printables with different versions of this game here, here, and here, or simply create your own answer key with what makes the most sense to you!

What You’ll Need

  • Printable worksheets or sorting cards for guests to give their answers. The most common version of this game has guests use worksheets to match terms, but you can also give each player a pile of cards with candy names and concepts, then have them sort the cards into pairs.
  • An answer key so you can keep score
  • Pens or pencils if you’re using worksheets (and to keep score)

How to Play

Simply pass out the worksheets or sorting cards and give the guests some time to fill in or sort their answers. You can award 1 point for each correct answer and name the player with the highest number of points as the winner!

Candy Bar Story Game

This baby shower candy game is a little more open-ended than the others, so it’s great for players who love to get creative. Like the matching game, this is a word game that requires players to use candy bar names to describe different themes of pregnancy, childbirth, or motherhood in an original short story. You can have each player write their own story or have players split into groups.

What You’ll Need

  • A variety of candy bars to give each player or group of players
  • Paper
  • Pens or pencils

How to Play

  1. Set up a handful of different kinds of candy bars at different tables or stations where each player or group will sit to work on their stories.
  2. Pass out paper and pencils to each player or group.
  3. Have players or groups write the names of the different candy bars at the top of their paper. You can have each player/group use the same kinds of candy bars or different kinds for a more diverse collection of stories.
  4. Give plenty of time – at least 10 to 20 minutes – for each player or group to write their story, using the names of the candy bars to describe different concepts or events (sort of like Ad Libs).
  5. At the end, have each player or group read their story, then vote on which story is best.
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