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6 Sweet Employee Appreciation Ideas

Good business owners know that their employees can make or break a business. They are the lifeblood of your company; without them, you have no business! Therefore, showing your employees how much you appreciate them is crucial, especially during the holiday season. Here are some fun employee appreciation ideas that will go a long way toward letting your crew know how much you appreciate them.

Host an Employee Recognition Happy Hour

Turn any old day into YAY! with a company happy hour. An extra break towards the end of the day gets your employees through the afternoon doldrums, or you could hold happy hour around lunchtime and let everybody have an extended break. Happy hour doesn’t have to be a massive production – offering snacks, drinks, and extra free time is enough to show your employees that you care and want them to have a good time at work.

You can make happy hour extra happy by offering your employees some of Candy Club’s delicious candies. Fun gummies, bright-colored candy belts, or seasonally selected chocolates are just a few of our selections that will perk up your employees’ days.

Brush Up The Break Room

The atmosphere of your employee break room is something that rarely gets conscious notice – but is very important to your employees’ comfort. You want to cultivate a break room atmosphere that’s rejuvenating and comfortable so that your employees feel happy and refreshed when they get back to work.

The good news is that it’s easy and inexpensive to refresh your break room! A new coat of paint in a bright color can go a long way. So will providing amenities like comfortable chairs, coffee, and snacks. You don’t have to buy lunch daily, but offering your employees treats to nibble on is a little perk with significant benefits.

If you’re offering treats in the break room, you should have a good assortment of savory and sweet. Savory snacks can be helpful additions to packed or take-out lunches that aren’t quite satisfying enough, and candy is a great way to sweeten up any break. Plus, the aesthetic value of sweet treats, bright colors, and the playful, whimsical look of jarred candies or a big candy bowl put a smile on everyone’s face. Candy Club’s cups are the perfect addition to your break room counter. Cute, fun, delicious – what more could you ask for?

Have Holiday Fun

Incorporating themes into the treats you get for your employees, like the time of year or a specific holiday, will bump up morale. Candy Club offers lots of seasonally-themed goodies for all four seasons. Pay attention to the holidays your employees celebrate and pick candy based on that – it shows that you’re listening and paying attention to what they enjoy.

Something to Say? Say It With Candy!

Everybody loves receiving candy, and our curated gift sets are a great way to make your employees feel special. Whether you want to say “Thank you,” “Happy Birthday!” or even just “You Rock!” we have a dual-cup gift box that will say it for you with sweetness and panache. A candy gift will let you back up your sweet words with treats when you thank your employees or tell them how much you appreciate them. Everybody likes to feel special, and a little token of your appreciation will go a long way toward that feeling.

For larger employee appreciation gifts, candy goes great in gift boxes or gift baskets. Pick a cute basket, add some gift cards and company swag, and top it off with snacks and candy. This type of gift basket is a perfect employee recognition gift that works for any situation.

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Play Fun Games, Win Fun Prizes

Friendly competitions that don’t have anything to do with productivity goals or work assignments are a great way to add lighthearted fun to your employees’ workday. While you don’t want to make these competitions feel forced or tied to your employees’ performance or paycheck (that is stressful, not fun), friendly workplace competitions can make workdays more lively and enjoyable.

You can run lots of games in your office, like decorating contests, treasure hunts, photo contests, and more. While the Thanksgiving season and the run-up to the Christmas season are often hectic, a competition can help relieve stress and maintain morale. Whether the prize is a gift card of the winner’s choice or simply bragging rights, this is a great way to have fun as a group!

Hold A Work Outing

Doing something entertaining as a group doesn’t just show your employees that you appreciate them; it’s also a great way to build team cohesiveness and camaraderie. Work outings can include things like escape rooms, paint and sip nights, cooking classes, karaoke, sporting events, stage shows, concerts, and much more. What type of work outing you set up depends on what your employees might like to do and what logistically makes sense for your business. No matter what kind of work outing you do, you can make the trip even better with candy.

Spread the Love

Candy Club has a variety of exciting, themed candies that you can’t get anywhere else. With a little extra creativity, you can show your employees how much you appreciate their hard work – a little sweetness goes a long way in employee recognition. You can also mention the presence of these pleasant treats in your job descriptions if you decide to hire new employees. Adding these perks can be a delightful way to increase the number of potential candidates and enhance work productivity in the long run, as most individuals thoroughly enjoy the presence of extra sweet indulgences in the workplace.

You don’t have to just keep the candy stashed in the breakroom, though. Candy Club’s wholesale candy is a smart addition to your sales inventory. Stocking candy alongside your usual merchandise makes for a stellar cross-selling or add-on opportunity. When employees already know which treats they love from the breakroom, they’ll be able to recommend their favorites to your shoppers, too. Check out our wholesale catalog today!