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11 Boozy Candies to Sweeten Up Your Next Party

We’ve done candy cocktails – but what about cocktail candies? From novelty liqueur-filled chocolates to artisan treats with booze-themed flavors, there is a whole world of alcoholic candy (or just alcohol-inspired candy) perfect for putting a grownup twist on your holiday candy habit, from Halloween parties to Christmas stocking stuffers.

We’ve put together a list that includes candy that contains alcohol as well as candy inspired by alcohol and cocktails. So scroll down and get your IDs ready!

Alcoholic Candy

These candies actually contain alcohol – though you might have to eat a lot to feel it!

VSC Liquor-Filled Chocolate Bottles

If you’ve ever wanted to drink your bottle and eat it too, now you can. VSC chocolate bottles have been around for a while, so these alcoholic candies make for a great nostalgic addition to a grownup Halloween or other holiday party.

Turin Brand Kahlua Chocolates

As noted in the Vine Pair article above, these chocolates do, in fact, contain gooey Kahlua centers. Kahlua is already featured in lots of sweet cocktails, so this is the perfect boozy treat if you really love to indulge.

Fireball Whiskey Gems

fireball whiskey candy

Yep, these hard candies are actually infused with real Fireball whiskey! So if you’re one of those people who find Fireball Whiskey too sweet as a drink, maybe these whiskey gems are your perfect fix.

Bourbon Balls

Bourbon balls are a classic Southern treat that happens to be super easy and fun to make at home, so they’re perfect for DIYers and bakers (though there are plenty of options on the market as well). A pecan garnish adds a delicious crunch.

Rosé Lollipops

Rose lollipops. Alcoholic candy ideas

Yes, please! If you can’t get enough rosé, you can now get your fix with lollipops like these, made with real rosé and gorgeous designs, to boot.

Gin and Tonic Popcorn

Probably the weirdest alcoholic candy item on this list, it’s worth trying if only because who would EVER dream of putting alcohol on popcorn? A classic G&T has a strong flavor, so this is sure to be a unique treat.

Alcohol-Inspired Candy

You don’t even need alcohol to get a buzz from these delicious cocktail-inspired candies. That’s what the sugar’s for anyway, right?

Champagne Gummies

Champagne candies have been having a looong moment, particularly as wedding favors. But we can’t get enough of them. You can often get a twist on these with flavors like rose or mimosa, but the basic idea is the same, and we are definitely here for it.

Moscow Mule Gummies

moscow mule candies

Okay, so maybe you’re tired of champagne-flavored everything. No problem! These alcohol-free Moscow Mule Gummies give you the same great texture with a totally updated flavor.

Jelly Belly Draft Beer-Flavored Jelly Beans

Thanks to Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans, draft beer probably isn’t even the weirdest jelly bean flavor you’ve heard of. All the more reason to try them out this holiday season! The best part? They come in novelty “beer cans.”

Mimosa Cotton Candy

mimosa candy

You thought we were done with champagne? Think again. As if the fluffy, dreamy texture of cotton candy weren’t enough to make your mouth water, try that texture with the tangy sweetness of a mimosa. Our brunch table would definitely welcome this sweet treat. Looking for more unique candies to ring in the holiday season, have at your next party, or just snack on around the house? Candy Club is your one-stop-shop for unique gourmet candies, from chocolates to sours to everything in between.