Candy favors for weddings
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Candy Wedding Favors for Sweet-Toothed Lovebirds

Candy is the ideal wedding favor for so many reasons. It’s incredibly diverse in terms of options, it’s almost universally beloved, it’s affordable, and it’s super easy to customize. You can get creative while really treating your guests’ taste buds.

From great DIY options to luxurious personalized sweet treats, this list of candy wedding favors is sure to have you feeling inspired for your big day.

Tips for Giving Candy Wedding Favors

Stay On-Theme and On-Palette – With all its fun shapes and colors, wedding candy is a great way to extend the aesthetic of your event. Match candy and packaging to your wedding colors as closely as possible to achieve a seamless look on your big day.

Get Creative with Presentation – The best wedding favors are unique to the event and, most of all, the happy couple. Even if you’re not going the DIY route, you can still leave your personal touch on the packaging and presentation by featuring your name, the date, or even pictures of you and your boo.

With colorful or customized fabrics, bags, wrappers, and other decoration, your wedding favors can serve not just as tasty treats, but also as mementos.

DIY Candy Wedding Favors

1. Chocolate Mint Truffles

The only things that go together better than mint and chocolate are probably you and your boo! That’s what makes this partner-themed treat such a perfect candy wedding favor.

If you’re going the DIY route for your big day, be sure to check out this recipe for homemade chocolate mint truffles. Not only are they delicious, but they’re also an opportunity to use on-palette wrappers. You can set them out on a wedding favor display or give them out in customized favor boxes. The mint and chocolate combo is especially great for a winter wedding! 

2. Candy Mason Jar Favors

Planning a rustic wedding? Candy mason jars can lend the event a relaxed, homey vibe guests can take home with them. Plus, they’re super affordable and can be adapted to a variety of different themes. Use custom labels and twine or ribbon in your wedding colors.

As for the candy that goes inside, you can offer a variety of sweets, chocolates, and sours, pick one candy that fits the theme, or even mix the two favorite candies of the happy couple.

3. Pick & Mix Candy Display

Take your candy favor display to another level by letting guests mix and match their own candy favors. An interactive wedding favor display is a fun way to spread the love to your friends and family and works especially well for a relaxed, rustic theme.

The most important part of a pick & mix wedding candy buffet is to provide memorable themed bags or containers for your guests to take home. Customized bags and favor boxes work well, as do mason jars. If you run in crafty circles, you can even let your guests decorate their own containers.

Personalized Candy Wedding Favors

4. Personalized Mints

Mints may not be the most unique wedding favor, but they are a classic for a reason. They’re always appreciated by guests and are super easy to customize. Print the tins with your names, the date of the event, and on-theme imagery. You may even be able to personalize the mints themselves!

5. Custom M&Ms

M&Ms famously allows customers to stamp custom words and images on their very own M&Ms. So not only can you pick M&Ms in themed colors, but you can also put the names of the lovebirds – or even your picture! – directly on the candies for some seriously memorable treats.

Unique Candy Wedding Favors

Candy wedding favor ideas

6. Champagne Flavored Anything

What better flavor is there for a wedding than champagne? With champagne-flavored hard candies, sours, or lollipops, guests of all ages can join in on the celebratory vibes of your big day.

7. Candy Rings

Since rings are the quintessential symbol of marital love, ring-shaped hard candies make for adorable thematic wedding favors. You can even dress up Ring Pops with elegant, custom packaging to commemorate your big day.

8. Lemon Drops

Planning a summer wedding? Just love sour candy? Lemon drops are a unique candy wedding favor that can stand out among your classic mints and chocolates. Plus, they offer such a pop of color. Just make sure yellow goes well with your wedding colors!

As with other small candies, put a personal touch on your packaging by customizing the lemon drop boxes or bags.

9. Themed Candy Favors

Themed wedding candy may not be the most affordable, but for those with the budget, it can be a real showstopper. These tennis ball gumballs, for example, perfectly encapsulate the newlyweds’ interests and add a unique and memorable twist to their big day.

Even if you don’t create custom themed candy, you can at least make your packaging on-theme.

10. Candied Almonds

Candied almonds are a perfect candy wedding favor because they’re adaptable to any wedding style. They can be made at home for a DIY option or customized with your wedding colors for something elegant. You can even go full traditional and follow the Italian custom of giving five white Jordan almonds to represent health, wealth, happiness, fertility, and longevity.

As always, give some thought to your packaging. Tulle or muslin bags, customized boxes, or even jars work well.

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