Lavender candy recipes for spring
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Seven Lavender Candy Recipes to Try This Spring

Now that the sun is staying up a little later and the weather is getting warmer, it’s starting to feel more and more like spring. It’s almost as if you can smell the flowers starting to bloom right in front of your nose. And over here at Candy Club, we think that you should be taking full advantage of the beautiful and tasty blooms this spring. Yes, we did say tasty! A classic floral flavor that pairs well with your favorite spring treats and is dying to be a part of your candy recipes this spring is lavender. 

Lavender is such an intoxicating scent; you might find yourself wanting to snack on it. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to add into some of your favorite candy recipes. Plus, lavender is good for your health. Lavender is shown to be a good stress reliever, and there are studies that show it can even help manage your anxiety symptoms. We already love grabbing a handful of candies on particularly hard days, so why not try one of these lavender candy recipes this spring and take your stress relief up a (tasty) notch? 

Salted Honey Lavender Caramels

Lavender salted caramels

If you’re looking for a lavender candy to periodically pop in your mouth and gnaw on during particularly stressful days, look no further than these salted honey lavender caramels. Caramel and sea salt are already a pretty classic and gourmet flavor combination, but adding lavender? That takes the flavor combination up a notch! Whether you eat these lavender candies yourself or wrap them up and give them out as gifts, they’re a guaranteed win. 

Chocolate-Covered Lavender Caramels 

So, we already covered the lavender and caramel combination in the lavender candy recipe above. A classic combination, right? Well, you chocolate lovers might be thinking that there’s something missing from the recipe… chocolate! No need to worry, we couldn’t make a list of the best lavender candy recipes without including a chocolate candy, could we? It just wouldn’t be right! 

Find the full recipe at Food52.

Vanilla-Lavender with Rosemary Cotton Candy

Lavender cotton candy

When we think of cotton candy, memories of theme parks, county fairs, and sticky fingers probably come to mind. If you think that cotton candy is a treat only made for kids, you haven’t tried this recipe yet. Take the fluffy, sugary treat of your childhood, add some lavender and rosemary, and boom! You have a fancy candy that’s both nostalgic and brand new at the same time. The flavor combinations at play in this lavender candy recipe are top-notch! 

Lavender Honey Lollipops

If you are on the hunt for a gourmet lollipop to serve at a party or send off in a gift basket, look no further than these lavender honey lollipops. Adding a little gold leaf to these lollipops makes them seem so fancy and so decadent, but they are only made with just a handful of simple ingredients. Sometimes simple beauties like these lavender honey lollipops are really the best treats of all, and you’ll wow your friends when you share with them (if you feel like sharing, that is!)

Lavender Hot Chocolate

Lavender hot chocolate

Okay, we hear you. Hot chocolate may not *technically* be candy, but it is a nice sweet treat that we thought you’d like regardless. This one was added to the list for those of you who live in colder climates where the weather hasn’t quite gotten the memo that it’s spring. This lavender hot chocolate will warm your chilly bones up and relax your stressed mind in a couple of easy steps.

Head over to Yummly for the recipe. 

Lavender Almond Nougat

If you are growing fresh lavender in your garden and looking for a lavender candy recipe to pop the stuff into, this is the recipe for you! You will just have to dry out the lavender first. Don’t have a garden? No worries, you can purchase dried lavender at natural food stores or online. This nougat is too good not to share with your friends and loved ones, but we don’t blame you if you decide you don’t want to share after you try a bite. 

Lavender Sugar

This list of lavender candies might be getting you super stoked about all the awesome lavender sweet treats out there. And we don’t blame you. Do you have an idea for a lavender sweet treat that you don’t see here? No worries, just whip up this lavender sugar for your lavender baking and cooking needs and go lavender crazy! Bonus points: this lavender sugar works really well in drinks, too. Add some lavender sugar to your lemonade or tea, and you have a fragrant, stress-relieving drink ready to go. 

Did this list of lavender candy recipes get your sweet tooth hungry for some candy? We have your candy needs covered at Candy Club. No need to get a baking dish out for delicious, gourmet candy, either. We have options for sour candy fiends and those looking for something sweet to satisfy their cravings.