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11+ Types of Products to Cross Merchandise with Candy

Are you looking for creative ways to increase candy sales at your store? How about a way to increase candy sales that also improves your customers’ shopping experience? If so, cross merchandising is the perfect strategy.

As you’ll see in this blog, candy is one of the easiest products to cross merchandise. Keep reading to learn more!

What is Cross Merchandising?

Cross merchandising is a strategy in which complementary products are displayed together. Complementary items are items that may not traditionally be displayed in the same section of a retail store, but go together from a customer perspective.

For example, a grocery store may display whipped cream and pastries next to fresh strawberries for customers looking for strawberry shortcake ingredients. While a shopper would normally have to visit the produce, bakery, and dairy sections for all these items, cross merchandising makes their shopping experience easier by placing all the ingredients in one place.

The Benefits of Cross Merchandising

When done properly, cross merchandising has tons of benefits for both customers and your business. Below are the most important potential results:

  • Increased product sales: Cross merchandising is an effective way to promote impulse buys. You can also sneak in products you’ve struggled to sell lately by presenting them in a novel or more useful way.
  • Better user experience: Cross merchandising doesn’t just benefit your business, it also benefits your customers. First, it allows them to save time otherwise spent traveling to multiple sections of the store. Additionally, it educates the customer on the products you sell and the layout of your store. Finally, it can enhance the customer’s experience of the products themselves.

One of the most versatile products for cross merchandising is candy. Candy is one of the most common impulse buys, but you don’t have to be limited just to countertop displays by the register. Below are some awesome candy cross merchandising display ideas for a retail store. You’ll find ideas for complementary products, seasonal products, display tips, and more!

The Best Cross Merchandising Ideas for Candy

Evergreen Cross Merchandising Display Ideas

1. Gift Wrap and Bags

Candy is probably one of the most giftable items you sell. Help customers who are shopping for gifts by placing candy displays next to wrapping paper, gift bags, tissue paper, ribbons, bows and more.

2. Greeting Cards

Similarly, placing candy next to greeting cards helps shoppers get everything they need for their friend or loved one’s gift right in one place.

3. Other Giftable Items

Maybe your customers are creating a whole gift basket. Help them out by placing candy next to other great gifts. Depending on your inventory and customer base, this could be anything from stylish mugs, candles, and beauty care to gift cards, small gadgets, and more.

Use customer data to determine the products that might be most popular. Don’t forget to also take advantage of any upcoming gift-giving holidays, such as Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day.

4. Party Supplies

Candy is a great party favor, so it’s not a bad idea to display sweet treats in your party section. Anything customers might need to prepare for a birthday or holiday party is a great cross merchandising display idea for candy. Some examples include:

  • Supplies: disposable utensils and plates, napkins, tablecloths, etc.
  • Decorations: streamers, balloons, signs, etc.
  • Party favors: hats, confetti, party horns, glow sticks, silly string, etc.

5. Tea & Coffee

Tea and coffee – some of the best things in life. That’s why they pair perfectly with candy! The great thing about this cross merchandising display idea is that coffee and tea are essentials for most shoppers. Why not encourage them to pick up a little treat why they’re stocking up on staples?

6. Wine

Speaking of essentials, what about those customers who love a glass of good wine with dinner? Help them out by placing candy next to your most popular reds, whites, and rosés. You can even help your customers try out the best candy and wine pairings.

7. Travel Gear

What better snack is there to bring on a plane ride or road trip than candy? Placing candy on or near displays of travel gear lets customers stock up on snacks while they’re grabbing their neck pillows and portable chargers.

8. Salty Snacks

Lots of people like a little salty and a little sweet when snack time comes around. Pair candies with savory snacks like chips, nuts, or pretzels to create a one-stop-snack-shop display.

9. Juice, Soft Drinks, and Sport Drinks

Your customers would probably appreciate something to wash down their sweet treats with. From juices and coconut water to kombucha and soda, set up a selection of thirst quenchers next to your candy displays.

10. Self Care Products

Candy and self care go together like sugar and tea. Display delectable candies alongside bath bombs, face and hair masks, candles, lotions, and perfumes so customers shopping for an at-home spa day can grab a sweet treat or two.

11. Office Essentials

When you’ve had a long, tiring morning at the office, nothing’s better than a piece of candy or two to put a pep back in your step. By displaying candy next to work essentials like pens and pencils, sticky notes, paperclips, laptop cases, batteries, and more, you can help busy shoppers add a treat to their work day.

Seasonal Cross Merchandising Display Ideas

12. Halloween Displays

Trick-or-Treating Display

One awesome cross merchandising display idea for fall is to set up a display themed around trick-or-treating. Display lots of candy, plus any and all products related to trick-or-treating, such as:

  • Bags and baskets for trick-or-treating
  • Glow sticks or bracelets
  • Costume jewelry and accessories
Pumpkin-Carving Station

A similar approach can be used to display everything customers would need to carve pumpkins. Think products like:

  • Carving knives
  • Candles (real or battery powered)
  • Batteries
  • Long matches or grill lighters
  • First aid kits or bandaids (safety first!)

For decor, think mannequins in costumes, a glowing jack-o-lantern, and porch decorations like cobwebs and headstones.

13. Christmas Displays

The Christmas season brings tons of opportunities for creative candy cross merchandising display ideas. Along with standard winter fare such as hot cocoa mix, mugs, candy canes, and gift wrap, you can create cross merchandising displays centered around specific activities. For example, why not display candy next to gingerbread house kits, baking supplies, or Christmas tree ornaments?

14. Valentine’s Day Displays

Candy is a massively popular Valentine’s Day gift, so make sure to display your sweet wares next to as many other Valentine’s Day products as possible when the season comes around. Display candy alongside greeting cards, wine and champagne, fresh flowers, and stuffed animals.

15. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Displays

Late spring and early summer don’t have to bring a slump in your candy sales. With Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, you have the opportunity to help customers assemble some truly sweet gifts for their dear old parents. As with other gift-giving holidays, display candy next to gift wrapping items and greeting cards.

Don’t forget to also place candy next to other giftable items. For Mother’s Day, some great giftable products to cross merchandise with candy include:

  • Candles
  • Beauty products
  • Jewelry
  • Kitchen and cooking essentials
  • Robes, slippers, and pajamas
  • Bath and kitchen towels
  • And anything else that would make a great Mother’s Day gift!

The same logic applies to Father’s Day, so think items like:

  • Gadgets
  • Watches
  • Beer and liquor
  • Kitchen and cooking essentials
  • Robes, slippers, and pajamas
  • And any other items a dad would love

These are just a few of the countless cross merchandising retail display ideas for seasonal and holiday themes. With a little creativity, you’ll have customers tossing candy in their carts all year round!

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