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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Six Ways to Say “Happy Mother’s Day” from Candy Club

1. You Mean a Latte to Me

Moms are busy people, so why not give yours an extra boost with a sweet treat inspired by that first fresh cup of morning coffee? With a cup of You Mean a Latte to Me chocolate espresso morsels, the mom(s) in your life will get a sweet burst of coffee flavor with every bite. This candy is selling fast, so order yours while you can!

2. You Rock Gift Set

If your mom is a rockstar and you want her to know it, Candy Club has an extra thoughtful Mother’s Day gift for you. The You Rock gift set includes two Candy Club favorites: Cookies ‘N Cream Bites and Cotton Candy Toffee. Send your mom a sweet message of appreciation with these best-selling treats. Hopefully she’ll be in the mood to share!

3. Perfectly Pink Gift Set

For that glam mom in your life who loves to be pampered, opt for the Perfectly Pink gift set. The set includes two of our most popular (and prettiest!) sour gummies, Pink Piglets and Pink Lemonade Sour Belts. These lip-puckering sours make the perfect treat to enjoy on an all-girls’ spa day or evening of wine tasting.

Pucker Up! Who says sweet can’t be a little sour? If you like your treats to pack a punch, check out Candy Club’s selection of sour gummies, bites, laces and more. Shop Candy Club Sours

4. Enjoy the Moment

Moms deserve rest and relaxation every day of the year, but Mother’s Day is the perfect reminder to take a break and Enjoy the Moment. The sweet strawberry flavor of these gummy flamingos from our Mindfulness collection is impossible to ignore. Order a cup and your mom will be instantly transported to a tasty, tranquil tropical paradise.

5. Spring Twists

Did you know that in Egypt and other Arab countries, Mother’s Day is observed on March 21, coinciding with the beginning of spring? The tradition dates back to the time of the Pharaohs, and some historians believe it may have roots in Greek celebrations that chose springtime because blooming flowers symbolize motherhood and life.

So, why not celebrate Mother’s Day like the ancient Egyptians and Greeks with a spring-themed Mother’s Day gift? Our Spring Twists indeed put a twist on frosted pretzels. Dotted with pastel-colored sugar crystals, these crunchy sweet treats will have your mom thinking of a field of beautiful wildflowers.

6. Choose Happy

Speaking of flowers, they are one of the most common and thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts. In fact, in 2015 Mother’s Day held the top position for most flower sales, beating out Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Christmas. While there’s nothing wrong with a beautiful bouquet to decorate Mom’s brunch table, consider giving an extra creative Mother’s Day gift: flowers you can eat! No, not real flowers, but yummy gummy flowers with the sweet flavors of fresh fruit. Order a Choose Happy candy cup for Mom today.

7. Candy Club Gift Card

Sometimes the best gift you can give Mom is the gift of choice. After all, moms spend so much time thinking of others, why not encourage her to think of herself? If there’s a mom in your life who loves all things sweet (or sour or chocolatey), give her a Candy Club gift card and let her fill her cart with her wildest, sweetest dreams.

Say It with Sweets

No matter the occasion, there’s no better way to show someone you appreciate them than with the gift of candy. Be sure to bookmark our page to stay up-to-date on our latest collections, including seasonal treats you won’t want to miss!