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Wine and Candy Pairing Guide For Your Next Night In

We go together like…candy and wine! Whether you’re planning a date night in with your partner or a fun-filled gal pal night, we’ve got you covered on everything you need to know about how to pair candy and wine!

We’ve partnered with Bright Cellars, a wine subscription company, to create the perfect candy-wine combos. Some are classic pairings you may have tried while others are just wild enough to become your new favorite!

And, we’ve got a delicious offer for your first Bright Cellars subscription! Scroll down for details…

Candy Club and Bright Cellars partnership

About Bright Cellars

Bright Cellars is a monthly wine club that helps you discover wine you love.

Why Bright Cellars?

  • Education: Learn about wine and the wine world
  • Discovery: Try new wines you may not pick up off the shelf on your own
  • Convenience: Our algorithm chooses your wines for you so that you don’t have to, and they are then delivered directly to your door each month. They’re also matched to your specific taste, based on your quiz questions, so there’s a good chance you’ll love them! We’re so confident, that we’ll send a free replacement bottle in your next shipment if you’re not satisfied. Additionally, we can also cancel, skip months, or change order frequencies at any time! 
  • Customer Service: Our team of Wine Concierges are all educated in the wine world, and love discussing wine with our members. 
Bright Cellars Wine Club

What makes Bright Cellars unique?

  • Their founders — two MIT grads with a passion for wine — created the Bright Points algorithm, which scores your match with each wine by comparing 18 attributes to your personal preferences. Your taste profile is determined by your quiz results and the ratings of the wines you receive thereafter. 

Wine Club Offer:

Because wine never goes out of style, you’re getting:

50% off your first wine box from Bright Cellars!

Candy and Wine Pairing Guide

White Wine and White Chocolate

Wine and candy pairing: white wine and white chocolate (Unicorn Popcorn)

When pairing white wines with sugary treats, make sure the wine is sweeter than the candy. If your candy is sweeter, the wine will taste bitter in comparison. Since milk or dark chocolate would overpower a Moscato or Riesling, we recommend Unicorn Popcorn.

Rosé and Fruity Candy

Candy and wine guide: Rosé and Fruity candy (Watermelon Slices)

Your favorite sour or sugar dipped gummy candy is a perfect match for a glass of chilled rosé. Both fruity and acidic, these two are sure to bring out the best in each other! Try Watermelon Slices for an exceptional pairing.

Light-Bodied Red and Milk Chocolate

Candy and wine pairing: light red and milk chocolate (Chocolate Maple Clusters)

Red wines have a natural bitterness that can stand up to chocolate. For lighter varietals like Pinot Noir or Zinfandel, you have options! Think milk chocolate-based. We especially love Choco Bears and Chocolate Maple Clusters.

Full-Bodied Red and Dark Chocolate

candy and wine pairing guide

Our favorite pairing of all, a hefty red with silky dark chocolate. If you’re a fan of bourbon barrel-aged reds, you cannot go wrong with Dark Chocolate Mini-Mels. Toasted notes in the wine seamlessly blend with the gooey caramel filling.

Whether you’re enjoying a self-care night in or hanging out with some friends, this guide is sure to help you discover that the best way to enjoy your favorite wine is with your favorite candy! Check out other Candy Club offerings that will pair perfectly with your first Bright Cellars box!

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