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Three Ways to Sell Candy Club at Your Store

You don’t have to operate a Willy Wonka-style candy shop to make people’s sweetest dreams come true. Wholesale candy suppliers like Candy Club make it easy for anyone who sells candy to introduce their customers to unique, gourmet treats they won’t find anywhere else.

So if you’re a retailer looking to expand your candy selection, keep reading to learn how easy it is to display Candy Club candies at your store. We’ll walk you through our options and how to get started as a Candy Club wholesale partner.

Candy Merchandising Basics

If you’re looking for a new wholesale candy supplier, you’re likely already an expert at retail display, but a little refresher never hurts! Luckily your display skills will be perfect for adding Candy Club to your store’s selection of goodies. Just like with all your other products, following the tips below will help maximize purchases:

  • Engage the senses: No need to get fancy here, but simply make sure products are displayed in a way that’s pleasing to the eye. It helps if customers can actually pick up packages with their hands and get a closer look. Luckily, Candy Club’s colorful candies are as much a treat for the eyes as they are for the taste buds!
  • Optimize your lighting: Get those displays into the spotlight! Okay, you may not need an actual spotlight. But using good, clear lighting makes your displays look inviting and allows the products to be seen in all their glory.
  • Encourage impulse buys: There’s no better impulse buy than candy! Rather than limiting yourself to floor displays, consider displaying candy near the register. Candy Club’s countertop displays and gusset bags are perfect for this type of placement. More on that below!

Three Ways to Display Candy Club Wholesale Candy

Now for the fun part! Wholesale candy supplier Candy Club offers three product options that make it super easy to set up engaging retail displays no matter what kinds of candy you choose to sell.

Floor Display

If you have the space and customer interest, go all out with a floor display. This is an especially good option for seasonal candies. When Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or Easter rolls around, customers are looking for candy in droves. Make it easy for them by setting up an eye-catching floor display they can’t miss when they walk into your store.

Countertop Display

Don’t have the space for a floor display? Candy Club countertop displays give you a little more flexibility – plus, you can place them right next to registers where customers will be tempted to grab a cup or two as they check out. Or, try a little cross merchandising by placing a display next to other giftable items throughout your store.

Gusset Bags

This is by far the most flexible option and lets you dip your feet into Candy Club without making drastic changes to your layout. Gusset bags are also great for customers since the packaging is conveniently resealable and easy to slip into a purse or car console – perfect for on-the-go snacking! This product type is available for some of our most popular, delicious candies, from Pink Piglets to Cookie Dough Bites and more.

Become a Candy Club Retailer

There’s no better way to keep customers happy than with new, exciting treats. Candy Club’s gourmet candies are made to satisfy sweet cravings all year round, whether for casual snacking, gifts for loved ones, or adding a little sweetness to a party or special occasion.

Ready to see what Candy Club has to offer as a wholesale candy supplier? Learn more about what makes our candy different and how sweet it is to work with us!