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Creative Candy Gift Ideas for Celebrating from a Distance

No matter what time of year, gift giving can be tricky. With Amazon and Target, it seems like everyone just buys themselves anything they want. It’s especially hard when you need to send a gift to a friend or a loved one who lives far away. For whatever reason you can’t see them – you’re in a long distance relationship, you can’t gather due to illness, or you just live in different places – a good gift to send is hard to find.

But one gift no one can ever get enough of is sweet, sweet candy. Even if you already have it, you could always use more. Candy is one-size-fits-all, and although everyone has a favorite, many of us are happy to try other kinds. Candy is also great to send in the mail because it doesn’t spoil easily and it usually isn’t very heavy. From birthdays, to graduations, to congratulations, to anniversaries, you can’t go wrong with candy. Keep reading for a list of great candy gift ideas.

Candy Gift Ideas for Celebrating From a Distance


A box of chocolates is a classic go-to for Valentine’s Day, but it can be given for any number of occasions, from a birthday to a simple long distance romantic “thinking of you” gift. If you really want to go the extra mile, mix up a classic by sending a candy cup of unique gourmet chocolates from Candy Club. Whether your loved one likes dark chocolate or milk chocolate, chocolate-covered pretzels and nuts or pure chocolate morsels, you’re sure to find something to sweeten your friend or relative’s day with our selection.

Candy Bouquet

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or graduation, a candy bouquet is a sweet long distance gift idea. Both delicious and visually pleasing, a candy bouquet won’t go bad as quickly as flowers or baked goods. Not saying they’ll last long though – we all know how hard candy is to resist!

Retro Candy

Whether you get one premade or assemble it yourself, a curated box of retro candy is the perfect birthday gift. Help your friend or loved one take a stroll down memory lane as they enjoy their favorite candies growing up. While you’re at it, order one for yourself!

Personalized Candy

Personalized candy is a great candy gift idea for everything from birthdays to anniversaries. You can have a special message or even your face printed on personalized M&M’s, or personalize the wrapper of your gift recipient’s favorite candy bar. Personalized candy also makes for great party favors for graduation parties, weddings and baby showers!

Candy and Wine

If you need candy gift ideas for the wine snob or whiskey lover in your life, candy pairings make a thoughtful and personal gift. You can send them a candy-and-wine pairing guide and a bottle of wine to enjoy along with their sweets. Just make sure the recipient is over 21!

Breakable Candy Heart

These adorable breakable candy hearts are made of chocolate and filled with other goodies. Made to be smashed, these fun candy gifts are perfect for long distance relationships, birthdays, Valentine’s Day or anniversaries. They can even be used for gender reveals!

Art-Inspired Candy

For the special artists in your life, our Van Gogh-inspired candy collection makes the perfect gift for any occasion, whether for a birthday, graduate present, or as a congratulations on selling their first piece of art. Better hurry, though – they’re selling fast!

Candy Subscription

Subscription gifts are very popular right now because they’re the gift that keeps on giving. A subscription to a candy company means your gift receiver will receive multiple shipments of candy over the course of a couple months (depending on how long the subscription is.) A Candy Club subscription is perfect for both classic candy lovers and those who want to expand their pallet and try new things.

Send the Gift of Candy

These days, thankfully, there are endless creative candy gift ideas to help you sweeten someone’s day from afar. After all, distance makes the heart grow fonder – especially when candy is involved! Check out Candy Club’s candy cups and gift sets today.