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A Guide for Choosing the Best Candy to Sell in Your Retail Store

The prospect of selling candy in your retail store is tempting, especially if it’s something you’ve never tried. Candy is always a great selling point, even for customers who enter your store with the intention of buying something else. You may know the feeling of getting in line at the store only to see an array of delicious, premium candy tempting you at checkout.

However, candy sales are not always easy. Retail stores looking to sell candy must carefully choose the suitable types and amount of candy to sell in their store. So if you’re interested in making candy a new selling point at your store, check out our Candy Club wholesale buying guide!

Appeal to Color Senses

Before you can profit from your candy sales, you must ensure that people notice your display. Keeping everything visually appealing is crucial to having successful candy sales. When selecting the candy you want, consider the individual packaging’s aesthetics in your retail visual merchandising. 

Candy displays should be fun and exciting, drawing the attention of your customers–especially the ones that didn’t come to buy candy but can’t resist the temptation. Include bright, eye-catching colors that complement one another.

If you’re struggling with prioritizing a color, follow expert advice and go for red and pink packaging. If you’re selling fruity candy and gummies, red and pink colors are your best option.

If you’re wondering why red candies are a compelling selling point, the answer is all in color association. When people see shades of red and pink, they view the candy as nonthreatening. To consumers, red and pink candy appears free of acidic tastes they associate with colors like yellow (which people assume to be lemon flavored) or orange (which people assume to be, well, orange flavored). If you’re unsure where to begin in choosing candy for your retail store, red and pink shades are guaranteed to be successful.

Pay Attention to What Does–and Doesn’t–Sell

Not everything you offer in your store will be profitable–and that’s okay. When you first test the waters of candy sales, you might want to consider an array of options. While this is a wise place to start, pay attention to what is and isn’t selling.

You can’t expect every product you offer to customers to be a significant selling point. If you notice that a particular candy makes little to no profit, it might be time to eliminate this product from your inventory. Notice what your best sellers are, and prioritize them when making a wholesale purchase. If you have certain candies that are underselling, consider keeping them in stock but buying them in smaller quantities.

Make it Irresistible

Nearly everyone likes candy, so offering it at your store will likely garner sales. However, to be successful and profit from your candy sales, you must make the products irresistible.

Some stores make their candy irresistible by offering a variety of types. Chocolate, for example, is always a major hit with buyers. If you’re doubtful of how successful chocolate sales are for many stores, a whopping nine of the top ten candy brands worldwide are chocolate makers. The top ten US candy brands are also dominated by chocolate.

If you aren’t offering candy that your customers widely love, you won’t make as many sales. Even if you don’t sell these specific brands, make sure that your offerings are irresistible. Have plenty of chocolate on hand–but keep things interesting by providing products that other stores might overlook, such as the irresistible offerings from the Candy Club Catalog.

Consider Grab-and-Go Bags

Sometimes the appeal of candy is so overwhelming that customers don’t know what they want the most. Selling large candy packages is perfect for people who only want one specific flavor, but those debating various options might not want to compromise their cravings.

Additionally, customers might avoid a sale if the quantity of your packaging is too small to justify the price. Selling candy in just the right amount could help you make more sales because buyers feel encouraged to grab a few items instead of just one and are satisfied with the serving amount in each package.

A great way to sell more candy in your store is by ordering grab-and-go bags. Grab-and-go bags are perfect for anyone who wants candy right now and are on the go. Grab-and-go bags don’t only attract more sales because of the perfect amount of candy they have, but because of their customer-friendly packaging and variety of flavors.

You can successfully sell grab-and-go bags in your store by offering a variety of gummies, chocolates, and other treats for your customers. Whatever your customers are craving, grab-and-go bags are sure to increase your average order value.

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Make it Premium

If you want to make your candy irresistible to your customers, consider making it premium. Premium candies are an instant appeal for any candy-lover simply because of their rarity. For instance, limited edition candy is a surefire way of encouraging customers to buy while they have a chance.

Premium candies are the best quality candies out there. If you have many people coming to your store for your excellent candy selection, take things up a notch and give them products they’ll struggle to find elsewhere.

Start Selling Candy Club Wholesale

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