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5 Reasons to Sell Grab And Go Candy Bags

Candy makes everything better. At least, we think so! That’s why we’ve put together a selection of wholesale candies like gummies, sours, chocolates and more to satisfy every type of sweet tooth. Our candy cups help people celebrate their most important moments, from birthdays and anniversaries to baby showers and graduations, and our holiday collections are perfect for gifts and gatherings.

With the popularity of our candy cups, we decided to give retailers even more ways to help customers sweeten up their day. Now your customers can grab our candies off the rack in an elegant gusset bag package.

If you’re curious about expanding your wholesale candies, check out why Candy Club’s grab-and-go bags are the perfect choice!

5 Reasons to Love Candy Club’s Grab and Go Bags

1. Grab and go bags are resealable!

When your customers just want a little treat, they can save the rest for later. No need to awkwardly roll the top of the bag, track down a bag clip, or worry about spills and staleness. Candy Club’s grab and go bags deliver the best of the gusset bag design. Bags can be re-sealed and slipped into a purse, lunch box, or center console to enjoy later!

2. Grab and go bags are travel-friendly!

Beep-beep, time to pack up! Whether they’re planning a day trip to the beach, taking a full-on roadtrip, or boarding a plane, your customers won’t want to leave the house without a bag or two of candy. Candy Club’s grab and go bags are perfect for, well, grabbing and going! The elegant resealable packaging allows the bags to be conveniently slipped away and pulled back out when it’s time for a sweet pick-me-up.

3. Grab and go bags are giftable!

Now customers have two ways to gift Candy Club: candy cups or gusset bags. Grab and go bags are easy to grab in the checkout line and slip into a gift basket for someone who has a bit of a sweet tooth! They’re also easy to display in a way that makes the shopping experience easier for those buying gifts.

Hang them next to gift wrap, greeting cards, holiday products like Easter baskets or Christmas ornaments, and other giftable goodies to remind customers that candy makes every present sweeter.

4. Grab and go bags come in some of our best flavors!

With grab and go bags, customers get a taste of the best Candy Club has to offer. We’ve always taken pride in our diverse collection, featuring sours, gummies, chocolates, and sweets that range from classic to unique in theme and flavor. That includes year-round favorites, limited edition treats, and holiday goodies you can only get when the season is right. We bring that same variety to our grab and go bags to satisfy every kind of craving out there!

5. Grab and go bags are easy to display!

Grab and go bags are the most displayable Candy Club products by far. No need to clear out space on the counter or at the end of an aisle. Just hang the bags in any aisle or near the checkout line to encourage those coveted impulse buys. You’ll start to see your average order value creep right up!

Grab and Go Bags vs. Candy Cups

When it comes to wholesale candies, you can’t go wrong with either choice. Both candy cups and bagged wholesale candies are a great option for your customers. With that in mind, here’s what retailers need to know about each product option:

Purchasing Details

Both candy cups and grab and go bags have a minimum unit requirement of 6 units. Unit sizes differ depending on the product type. Check your customer data or reach out to a Candy Club team member to figure out which products are best for your store!

Selection Details

Candy cups remain our most popular and robust product option. Cups are available in a range of sizes, merchandising unit types, and candy types. While grab and go bags are available in a smaller variety of candy types, they represent the best of Candy Club’s sours, gummies, sweets, and holiday editions.

Why not both?

Our wholesale partners love Candy Club because their customers do. If you’re interested in our wholesale candies, why not get the best of both worlds? Offer your customers both candy cups and grab and go bags so they get what they need, no matter what they need.

Check out our full catalog and get your wholesale candy questions answered. Then if you’re ready, become a Candy Club retailer today!