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How to Sell Candy at Your Store’s Checkout Counter

There are many ways for retail store owners or managers to boost their store’s sales while giving customers what they want. One of the best ways to do that is by selling candy at your store’s checkout counter.

Selling candy is a valuable way to increase sales, boost your average dollar per transaction, and get your customers excited about visiting your store from the start of their shopping journey to the cash register.

Here, we’ll touch on the best strategies for selling candy at the checkout counter, and supply a few ideas on how to boost the effectiveness of this strategy.

Create Fun Displays

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The first step in learning how to sell candy at your retail store is to create a display that draws attention to your new irresistible products. If your candy display isn’t eye-catching or appealing, customers might not give it a second glance. However, when you create a unique checkout counter display, those fixtures will immediately draw customers to your new attractions.

Creating appealing displays is possible through a few methods. First, consider adding a Candy Club countertop display to your list of sales counter ideas. Want to go all out with your candy display? Why not try a floor display, with or without candy included? These display boxes help you set the groundwork for your candy display and guarantee that your presentation is cohesive and well-organized.

Play around with colors when displaying candy at the checkout counter. Showcase sweets with a cohesive color palette and complementary colors to bring aesthetic appeal to your display, drawing shoppers in. Conversely, a chaotic, uncomplimentary display will turn customers away from your offerings.

Another idea to consider is changing the candy you offer depending on the season. For example, adjust your display or the specific candies you sell for different times of the year or holidays. Seasonal holiday candy is a perfect way to get people interested in spending more at your store and generating excitement about the holidays ahead.


Along with an aesthetically pleasing display, prioritize merchandising strategies and units when planning your candy display at checkout. If there are specific products you want to highlight in your candy displays, you can merchandise and organize your presentation to emphasize these products. For instance, retail stores selling Candy Club candy can use unique displays, types of candy, colors, and flavors to merchandise their candy sales. 

Offer A Variety Of Tastes And Textures

Variety is the spice of life, which goes for marketing and merchandising candy, too. So, rather than only offering gummies or hard candies, stock up on a variety of flavors and textures to choose from so all your customers can get excited about getting to the checkout counter.

Selling Candy Helps Your Store

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Merchandising can help identify your best sellers and what products sell at a slower rate than others. This knowledge contributes to your future displays and offerings and can help you allocate monetary resources when you’re learning how to sell candy at your store.

Merchandising doesn’t just begin at the checkout counter–it can happen at any point in the retail experience to ensure that all shoppers notice the tasty treats you’re providing. Incorporate touchpoints for candy displays throughout your retail space, such as smaller displays in popular sections, endcap displays for each aisle, inline perimeter displays, and counter racks when displaying your new candy throughout the store.

Consider promoting specific candies and placing them at numerous points throughout the entire facility. The more you remind a customer about your promoted candy, the more likely they are to cave and make the purchase.

Merchandising strategies can be strengthened with a few essential tips and considerations to guarantee that your candy sells. Below are some things to think about when merchandising Candy Club candy.

  • Change your displays frequently–every month if possible.
  • Use additional colors and lighting to make your displays stand out in different parts of your store.
  • Engage the buyer’s senses during the shopping experience.
  • Have visible prices for all products on your display.
  • Use signs to draw attention to your new display throughout the store.
  • Cross-merchandise by placing similar products together or using a “buy two, get one free” system to intrigue customers.


Cross-selling is essential to learning successfully in your retail store. If you are considering learning how to sell candy for business revenue, cross-selling is one of the best strategies to attempt and can help garner more sales and attention to your candy selection.

How To Cross-Sell Candy

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When cross-selling candy, retail workers encourage customers to add an item to their purchase as they check out. Cross-selling strategies often involve employees inviting customers to buy additional items at checkout or suggesting they add an item to their purchase. If the customer is buying related products, cross-selling is essential to convince them to go the extra mile and add more to their cart.

Below are some examples of cross-selling for different settings.

  • At a candy store or the cash register of a retail store, the cashier might ask the customer: “Would you like to try out some of our new gummies today?”
  • Online retailers might prompt the consumer: “Customers also bought these related products,” or “If you like this product, you might be interested in these offers.”
  • A movie theater snack bar might ask a customer purchasing popcorn: “Do you want to add any candy or drink to your order?”

Cross-selling is effective because the additional products complement the buyer’s initial purchase or add unique value to their purchase. While it is similar to upselling in some ways, cross-selling does not attempt to convince customers to buy a more expensive item. Instead, it typically involves offers of more minor, additional items at a lower price that can add extra value to the order.

Shop Candy Club Today and Set Up Your First Candy Display

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