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What to Look For in a Wholesale Candy Vendor

If you’re interested in spicing up your candy shelves with unique products your customers will love, buying bulk candy online has never been a better option. But before you make a decision, you’ll want to know you’re getting the best partnership possible. Keep reading to learn the most important considerations when shopping for a wholesale candy supplier, from what kind of selection the supplier offers to what it’s like to actually work with them.


One of the advantages of finding a new wholesale candy supplier is changing up or expanding the selection of candy available to your customers. So, one of your major considerations should be what kind of selection the prospective supplier offers.

Make sure that the products they sell match your customer demand. For some sellers, that might mean a handful of classics. In that case, your supplier will need to have a consistent inventory of milk chocolates, dark chocolates, gummies, and/or sours to satiate even the most traditional sweet tooth.

Other sellers may seek to serve a customer base looking for unique types of candy that they can’t find anywhere else. These sellers should look for a supplier with a variety of candy types and themes – maybe even limited edition collections.

Candy Club’s wholesale selection offers the best of both worlds. Candies like our gummy butterflies, sour bears, and chocolate toffee peanuts will satisfy a traditional palate, while unique products like confetti drops, mango chili bears, and cookie dough bites are perfect for customers who want something both delicious and one-of-a-kind.

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Quality Product

If you’re not impressed with the product, your customers won’t be either. A great, diverse selection of candies won’t do you much good if they don’t taste good! Look for a wholesale supplier with a strong reputation for high quality products that people actually like. Happy customer reviews are a great start. You can also ask the supplier about their sourcing and quality control to make sure you’re consistently getting great candy.

Over more than six years, the passionate Candy Club team has built a delicious brand of one-of-a-kind candies that customers love. Our affordable, premium candies are sourced from around the world, cased in fun, attractive packaging, and – most importantly – they taste delicious.

Commitment & Communication

The ideal wholesale candy supplier will work in partnership with you to grow your business and get great products onto your shelves and into your customers’ homes. That means there should be clear, high-quality communication between you and the wholesale candy supplier’s point of contact both before and during your engagement.

Look for a wholesale supplier with a reliable team on staff who will make all the details of your engagement clear from the outset. You should have a solid understanding of issues like:

  • Wholesaler qualifications
  • The wholesaler application process
  • Wholesaler restrictions
  • MOQs
  • How orders and payments work
  • Processing and lead times
  • Pricing and product availability
  • and more…

Once you decide to work together, the supplier should also be able to answer your questions and solve issues in a timely manner. It helps if the team is friendly and you feel comfortable talking to them!

To learn more about what it’s like to be a Candy Club wholesaler, check out our FAQs.

Ready to Make Happy Happen?

At Candy Club, we love what we do, and we’re happy to spread the joy. When you buy our wholesale candy, you’re truly becoming part of the sweetest club around. If you’re ready to wow your customers with candy shelves that pop with personality and flavor, become a Candy Club retailer today.