7 Candy Types That You Can Add To Cookie Recipes

Who doesn’t love cookies? From chocolate chip to oatmeal raisin to snickerdoodles, there are so many classics guaranteed to bring a smile to anyone’s face. You may have a favorite recipe that’s been handed down to you through generations, but even the most tried and true recipes can use an update every once in a while.

Did you know there’s an easy way to put a new spin on these simple treats? Mix-in candy! That’s right – combine candies and cookies for some seriously delectable new treats.

Why Mix-In Candy?

Okay, for candy lovers like us, the answer is obvious. With all the amazing flavors and textures available, candy makes the ultimate topping or mix-in ingredient for sweet treats we already love. Peanut butter cups, caramel candies, and even gummy bears can add an exciting crunch or blast of flavor to a familiar classic.

What makes a peanut butter cookie better? Cookies with actual mini peanut butter cups inside! Or how about snickerdoodles with an extra cinnamon-y kick, courtesy of some Hot Tamales mixed into the dough? The list goes on, as you’ll see below.

Some candies are already favorite mix-ins. M&M’s are a constant sight in grocery store cookie packages, and chocolate kisses are an easy topper for shortbread thumbprint cookies.

However, these tend to stay within traditional lines. There are a lot of candies that can be mixed into a delicious treat that puts something new on your cookie platter. Your family and friends are sure to love these fresh twists, whether you are making something new or sprucing up a family classic! Plus, there’s no better way to use all that leftover Halloween candy than to make new, delicious creations. (Franken-cookies, anyone?)

So without further ado, scroll down to check out seven candies and cookies recipes you won’t be able to resist!

Butterscotch Pudding Cookies

Despite being a decadent addition to cookie and cake recipes, many people have never heard of incorporating pudding into baking. Pudding can give your cookies a soft, chewy texture. Butterscotch pudding is especially unique as it is not a common cookie flavor.

But where’s the candy, you ask? Throw in some butterscotch chips for added candy sweetness, not to mention an interesting texture contrast!

Peanut Butter Skillet Cookie


Skillets may also be known as “frying pans,” but that doesn’t mean they aren’t great for baking. Cookies baked in ceramic skillets are meant to be enjoyed right out of the oven (and maybe topped with ice cream!). Just about any cookie can be baked this way.

Use a 12” skillet for a group dessert or 4 mini-skillets for a single serving. This Peanut Butter variation includes Reese’s Pieces, but those can easily be swapped for mini peanut butter cups or any other peanut butter-filled candy.

Caramel Popcorn Cookies

Popcorn, in a cookie? Match some salty with your sweet by mixing popcorn right into the batter! Popcorn is versatile enough to pair with flavors such as cheese or sriracha, while still complementing sweet flavors like brown sugar, chocolate, or peanut butter–and it’s an especially nice addition to a cookie’s texture and flavor.

Caramel particularly pairs well with the saltiness and is a favorite for all ages.

Gummy Bear Cookies


These little gummy candies make a fun addition to the tops of baked goods, and can even make the foundation for amazing gummy-centered desserts themselves. But don’t be afraid to melt their fruity goodness, too! Melted into the cookie, they add a fruity, jelly texture that adds a gourmet touch to even the simplest of recipes.

Chocolate-Covered Raisin Cookies

Chocolate-covered raisins have been mixed into candy bars with great success. The chocolate coating adds a different kind of sweet to the fruity raisin, so why has no one ever thought to add this to a cookie?

This recipe features chocolate-covered raisins, oats, and coconut, for a new twist on an oatmeal raisin cookie.

Jelly Bean Cookies

Jelly beans are most popular in springtime, but they can be used year-round to add texture and color to cookies! Jelly beans have a unique flavor and texture that melds nicely with a variety of cookie bases. They also retain their shape better than other candies when baked.

Gourmet brands of jelly beans come in an amazing array of flavors–from ice cream to cinnamon, even buttered popcorn! Experimenting with these can take your cookies to the next level.

Crispy, Buttery Candy Cane Cookies

If you’ve never thought of upgrading your cookie recipes with candy canes, prepare to be amazed.

With their festive colors and cooling flavor, candy canes have become a winter-time staple. If you have a bunch lying around the house pre- or post-holiday, try baking them into cookies! Their minty-sweet flavor permeates the whole batch with a fresh, wintry taste, making these buttery cookies a great addition to any Christmas dessert spread. Plus, they’re just as delightful during other months of the year.

Celebrate Candy with Candy Club

Candy isn’t just for snacking. It can make a great add-in or topping to a variety of other sweet treats. These cookie recipes with candy are examples of how versatile candy types can really be in other confections! Whether gourmet, sweet treats from a convenience store shelf, candy can enhance your baking and bring smiles to everyone who tastes it!

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