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Yes, Coffee Candy Exists! Here Are Our Favorites

People these days are busier than ever before. We work long hours, ferry our kids from one activity to another, and barely get to bed before the sun rises. How do we do it all? The answer is simple: coffee.

But as much as we might want to, we can’t survive on just coffee. We’ve got to stay hydrated, get plenty of rest – and, of course, feed our sweet teeth. When you need a quick pick-me-up to get you through the day but you’ve already had one too many lattes, there’s nothing better than a tasty candy made with real coffee flavor.

Whether you’re new to the world of candy made with coffee or you’re a dedicated fan, this blog is your ultimate guide to the best coffee candies around. Before we get to the list, though, let’s celebrate with a little history lesson on our favorite caffeinated beverage!

A Brief History of Coffee

Did you know that an estimated 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed every day worldwide? Loved for its distinct flavor and energizing properties, this natural stimulant has a crucial place in virtually every culture across the globe. In fact, its popularity goes back hundreds of years, with some surprising facts you might not know no matter how many venti double-shot lattes you order from Starbucks.

An Ethiopian legend has it that the coffee plant was first discovered by a goat herder who found his goats pretty much bouncing off the walls after munching on coffee berries. There’s evidence that early coffee products included protein-rich snack bars and even wine-like fermented drinks made from coffee fruit. It wasn’t until the 13th century that Arabians roasted the first coffee beans as we do today.

The first Europeans to begin cultivating coffee were the Dutch in 1616, on offshore colonial estates, while coffee didn’t become popular in the United States until the infamous Boston Tea Party of 1773. From there, coffee has helped energize everyone from Civil War soldiers to the cowboys of the American West to the miners of California’s Gold Rush. And if stats tell us anything, America is still powered by coffee today!

Considering the plant’s attractive red fruit and rich history including sweet snacks and fermented drinks, using coffee in candy makes a lot of sense.

Coffee and Your Health

For true coffee lovers, coffee basically feels medically necessary. The science is a little more complex.

Studies have shown conflicting results over the years, but recent research is optimistic. Common beliefs that coffee consumption stunts growth and causes heart disease have lost ground in favor of more particular risks. For example, excessive coffee consumption CAN increase the risk of heart disease in people with a specific genetic mutation that lowers their ability to metabolize caffeine.

However, for many people, moderate but regular coffee consumption is fairly harmless, and can even protect against Parkinson’s and Type 2 Diabetes.

Thank the coffee gods!

Coffee and Candy: A Match Made in Heaven

While there’s no definitive history of candy made with coffee, it’s clear that the delectable confection is popular all over the world. Coffee candies have roots in places as diverse as Indonesia, Thailand, Holland, Japan, and Colombia. Where there’s coffee love, there’s coffee candy!

The best coffee candies use real coffee extract for that classic flavor we coffee fiends love. Yep – that means those sweet treats actually contain caffeine! If you love the taste of coffee yet want to keep your caffeine intake to a minimum, keep this in mind while shopping for candy made with coffee!

For the rest of us – bring it on!

Our Favorite Candies Made with Coffee

For The Classic Coffee Drinker

The true coffee fans among us don’t drink their daily cup just for the caffeine; they happen to really enjoy the taste. If you like your coffee black and strong, then Coffee Prims is the candy for you. This simple hard candy doesn’t hold back on the coffee flavor, giving you the taste of a strong cup of joe wherever you may be.

For The Flavor Fanatic

While some people enjoy the strong flavor of black coffee, others like to mix it up with flavorful creams and syrups. And if you’re looking for a little variety to spice up your candy drawer, you can’t go wrong with Coffee Rio Candy. These toffee-style coffee-candies come in many flavors, from sweet latte to bold Kona blend – so why not sample them all?

coffee candy

For The Sweet Sipper

When you order coffee, you always leave room for sugar, right? If you’re a fan of super-sweet drinks, consider snacking on some hard candy BonBons… filled with coffee. This hard candy has a chewy coffee center, and boy oh boy is it sweet! This is the perfect candy made with coffee for anyone that likes a mild coffee flavor and a whole lot of sugar.

For The Sugar-free Sipper

So, you like the taste of candy (and coffee), but you’re trying to stay away from sugar? No worries: the candy makers behind this sugarless coffee button candy are here for you! These tasty candies are made with real coffee for a little caffeine boost that will help you beat the afternoon slump. However, you won’t feel any sugar rush, as this candy is completely sugar free (and still tastes great)!

coffee candy

For The Latte Lover

There is something incredibly soothing about drinking a latte. The warmth of the coffee, the creaminess of the milk, the beautiful picture in the foam – if you’re a latte drinker, you get it. And if you want to recreate that feeling without hitting your local coffee shop, simply reach for a Bali’s Best Coffee Candy in their delicious latte flavor! This round hard candy perfectly captures the essence of a latte for a tasty treat you can have at any time.

With these tasty candies made with coffee, you can enjoy the energy boost and great taste of your favorite coffee from anywhere – at the office, in the car, or snuggled up in bed. After all, you work hard every day, and you deserve a little treat. Coffee-lover or no, do you have a sweet tooth that knows no bounds? Check out the variety of gourmet candy made with coffee available through a Candy Club subscription!