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Our Favorite International Candies from Around the Globe

There’s no better way to explore the world than through food, right? Except maybe one way – and that’s through candy! With so many unique ingredients and flavors from different cultures around the globe, it’s no surprise that international candy is as diverse and exciting as the world itself.

Whether you’re an international candy connoisseur, looking to get inspired for your next vacation, or just curious about how kids (and let’s face it – adults!) from different countries get their sweet fix, we’re pretty sure your mouth will be watering by the end of this list.

Scroll down for a list of our favorite international candy! Don’t worry – we’ve included plenty of picks you can get in the States without having to even buy a plane ticket (though you might want to after you’re done reading)!

Cadbury Chocolates

Call us cliched, but we couldn’t write an international candy list without including Cadbury. Even if you’ve never been across the pond, chances are you recognize the signature royal purple color of Cadbury chocolate. From Dairy Milk to Wispa to the Creme Egg, there is truly something for every kind of chocolate lover from this beloved British brand.

Green Tea Kit Kats

International Candy; Green Tea Kit Kats on a wooden background

Here’s an international candy that does a perfect job putting classic flavor in a unique package.

When you think of Kit Kats, you probably think of that classic jingle and the delicious crunch of milk chocolate over crispy wafer. But if you haven’t had a Green Tea Kit Kat, you’re in for a seriously fresh treat.

In fact, Japan is well-known for its huge line of uniquely flavored Kit Kats – Green tea just happens to be one of the all-time best. Some of the other flavors run the gamut from delectably indulgent – Strawberry Cheesecake, for example – to the strange – Wasabi and Purple Sweet Potato. No matter your preferences, though, they’re all worth a try.

Rice Candy

Popular in several Asian countries as well as in Hawaii, rice candy is a beloved snack with double the sweetness – because you can actually eat the wrapper!

Usually made with a soft, chewy, fruity center, these candies are wrapped in edible rice paper, adding a deliciously unique texture to an already amazing piece of candy.

Kinder Eggs

What’s better than candy? Candy with TOYS inside. Italian brand line Kinder Chocolate figured that when they created the beloved Kinder Surprise Egg. This egg-shaped treat consists of a chocolate outer shell, a creamy inner shell, and in the middle, a surprise toy. They’re so popular, they’ve even inspired a YouTube phenomenon.

Unfortunately, true Kinder Surprises aren’t available in the U.S. since our laws prohibit American candies from containing non-nutritive ingredients. But a similar version, the Kinder Joy – a plastic shell enclosing toys in one side and chocolatey goodness on the other – has gained fans of its own.

Pineapple Lumps

These chocolate-covered pineapple marshmallow treats are basically a national treasure of New Zealand. That’s probably why there was so much dismay when, in 2018, production moved from New Zealand to Australia.

If you think pineapple and chocolate sounds like a strange combination – or that the word “lumps” doesn’t exactly inspire salivation – just ask a Kiwi how delicious these unique sweets are!

Wine Gums

If the first thing you think of when you think of English candy is Cadbury, you’re not alone. That’s what makes WineGums so fascinating – and delicious! Contrary to their name, they are completely non-alcoholic. They also have all the chewy, fruity goodness of gumdrops, jujubes, and other gummy candies.

Haribo Gummy Bears

Haribo Gummy Bears; international candy

We can’t forget about the gummy candies that literally broke the mold. Though they weren’t the first gummy candies on the scene, German Haribo Gummy Bears did popularize that iconic teddy bear shape. How can anyone resist those adorable, delicious treats? Give it up for the candy that’s inspired smoothies, milkshakes, and even cocktails.

Kopiko Coffee Candy

We’ve talked about our love of coffee candy before, so we couldn’t leave this one out. Popular in Indonesia, Thailand, and even Japan, Kopiko blends the rich flavor of coffee with a variety of hard and soft textures, and even offers a cappuccino. The best part? It contains real Java extract, so be prepared for a caffeine kick!

Percy Pig Gummies

Another British heavyweight, this absolutely adorable pink gummy is one of the most popular candies in the UK. That’s high praise for a region that loves sweets so much! Percy Pigs had a humble beginning at the supermarket chain Marks & Spencer, and UK candy eaters love the fruity flavor, soft texture, and (presumably) adorable shape. They’re even vegetarian, having switched from gelatin to pectin in 2018!

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