World Chocolate Day July 7
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Everything You Need to Know About World Chocolate Day (July 7)

If you’ve ever wished there were a holiday just for chocolate, you’re in luck. World Chocolate Day is just around the corner! In honor of possibly the best day of the year, here’s everything you need to know about World Chocolate Day – plus some fun facts about everyone’s favorite treat.

It’s July 7.

At least, that’s how one story goes. Most sources agree that the official World Chocolate Day occurs globally on July 7, which means whatever kind of chocolate treat you choose to indulge in, you’d better eat up fast before it melts in the summer heat!

It’s allegedly the anniversary of the first European chocolate purchase.

There’s not a ton of research out there about the true origins of the July 7th holiday. However, the theory is that July 7, 1550 was the day chocolate was first introduced to the people of Europe. Whatever the reason for the holiday, we’re grateful it exists! 

There are other Chocolate Days.


It’s true – though we call July 7 World Chocolate Day, there is a confusing number of other chocolate-related holidays around the U.S. and the world. American chocolate lovers can celebrate International Chocolate Day on September 13, the National Confectioners Association’s National Chocolate Day on October 28, and the entire month of February, which is National Chocolate Lovers’ Month. We say the more, the merrier!

It’s a tailor-made excuse to eat chocolate.

As the name of the holiday suggests, eating chocolate is pretty much the whole point. World Chocolate Day is indeed a day to indulge in chocolate in every form.

Chocolate candy pattern

Need some inspiration? Here’s how we suggest you celebrate everything chocolate:

  • Stock up on your favorite chocolate treats. From dark chocolate to white, chocolate milk to hot chocolate, chocolate ice cream, chocolate chips, and more, there’s no end to the possible ways for you and fellow chocolate lovers to indulge.
  • Make some chocolate-centered sweet treats with your friends or the kids.
  • Treat yourself or a friend or loved one to the gift of a mostly-chocolates Candy Club subscription box. You can get it once, monthly for a year, or anything in between! There’s no better way to celebrate World Chocolate Day than with gourmet chocolate delivered straight to your door.
  • Learn how to properly store chocolate so your treats are fresh on the big day and beyond.

And if you go for hot chocolate, drink it from an orange cup.

For those of you in the Southern Hemisphere, a chilly July day is perfect for hot chocolate. This time around, try drinking it out of an orange cup. Scientists have found that because color affects our perception of taste, your hot chocolate will actually taste better that way. 

Now for some more chocolate trivia to get you inspired.

Candy Club jars filled with Caramel Popcorn, Chocolate Pretzels, and Bridge Mix

Five Facts about Chocolate for World Chocolate Day

  1. Ever wondered why chocolate seems to melt as soon as you touch it? That’s because chocolate’s melting point is between about 86 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit – below your body temperature!
  2. Chocolate was not only brewed as a hot, bitter beverage used for ceremonies by early Mexican and Aztec peoples – it was even used as currency.
  3. Though this beloved bean originated in the Amazon, 30% of the world’s cacao is grown in Africa – particularly the Ivory Coast.
  4. The antioxidant properties of chocolate – particularly dark chocolate – may help protect your heart against disease.
  5. Chocolate can also boost your mood (duh!), reduce stress, and improve your memory. Read more in our blog about why your brain loves chocolate!

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