Does Your Office Have an Office Candy Jar? Here’s 4 Reasons Why You Should

office candy jar

Free food and office candy in the break room provides a delicious motivation to employees. Many corporations now offer free snacks and drinks for a mid-morning or mid-afternoon munch. Others even offer free lunch as a company perk.

According to an article by USA Today, free corporate food offerings have become a benefit that entices employees when weighing future job opportunities, and Millennials love their free company food more than anyone.

Snacks, drinks, and even meals onsite keep employees happy and ensure that their grumbling, rumbling stomachs don’t distract them from their jobs. A full employee is a happy and productive employee. The more snacks on hand at work…the better!

Forbes digested the findings of a survey of employees conducted by a food delivery service, and writer John Baldoni posited that “it is often the little things that stimulate interest and help employees feel better about their workplace.”

If your company doesn’t have a fully-stocked kitchen, don’t fear…you can start small and sweet! Create an area in the break room with an office candy jar that employees can pick from as the day goes by. Not convinced you need an office candy jar? Consider:

office candy jar

1. Vending Machines Take Up Too Much Space!

Up until now, the only option for office candy was the classic vending machine. If the articles on giving free snacks to your employees haven’t convinced you, think about it as a space issue. Valuable office space! If you have a snack vending machine, it’s likely taking up a lot of space in the break room. And you probably need someone to fill it on a weekly basis. You probably also have workers who lose their change in the beastly machine, which really isn’t good for morale! Replace that machine with an office candy jar, and you’ll have an office of happy workers!

2. You’ll Seem so Cutting Edge!

Free food at the office means you’re embracing the trend. This makes you look inherently cutting edge. You’re hip to the kids. Your company speaks the language of Millennial. Even if you just offer free candy, you’re still one step ahead of the competition. So go ahead and snap pictures of that office candy jar. Post those pics on social media sites and announce to the world—and to future employees—that your company has the right stuff.

office candy jar

3. Food Reels in Friends!

The most popular people in the office are the individuals with food at their desks! Who doesn’t love the person in the office with the jar of candy? Now your company can be that person! Reel employees in with a delicious office candy jar, and next thing you know they’ll be bonding and swapping ideas for the next big project.

4. You Deserve an Office Candy Jar!

We can give you articles and statistics about office snacks all day, but ultimately, the best reason is that you deserve a treat! You and your employees work hard everyday to make your company what it is, so you should be able to grab a little something sweet as a reward. Plus, there’s nothing like gourmet candy to chase the late-afternoon blues away.

Now that you know the reasons why, you may ask yourself where you can fill up these jars. Candy Club has you covered! With Breakroom, all you have to do is tell us the number of employees in your office and we take care of the rest, sending you enough mouthwatering treats for everyone to enjoy. So contact Candy Club and fill that office candy jar today!