how to make gummy candy

How To Make Yummy Gummy Candy Desserts Your Kids Will Love!

Summertime is here and more down time means more time for little ones to complain about being bored and hungry! Fortunately, if you know how to make gummy candy, you have a solution to both.

Get in the kitchen with your kids and stir up some wonderful homemade gummy treats. They’ll gobble them up while enjoying spending quality time with you.  Get even more bang for your buck and work in some reading and math lessons while teaching them how to cook. It’s a win-win situation all the way around.

Kids of all ages love gummy candies. But why limit the fun to only gummy bears? Peruse your favorite local stores or the internet for cute candy molds or ice cube trays in fun shapes.  Opt for one made of silicone for easier removal once the candy is chilled. While you will surely find traditional gummy bear shapes, you also will find a wide variety of novelty trays including cola bottles, hearts, stars, letters, numbers, fruit and vegetables, animals, legos, and geometrical shapes, to name a few.

Then think of the possibilities you can create beyond just eating the treats. Your kids can use letters to spell their names or write messages to each other. Teach younger children to sound out and read simple words. Have them do basic math problems, make patterns, or play checkers or tic tac toe with different shapes. The possibilities are endless!

how to make gummy candy

How to Make Gummy Candy

The magic all starts with a very simple recipe. Using as few as three ingredients, you and your kids can have an entire afternoon of fun.  The essential ingredients are:

⅔ c cold water

4 packets unflavored gelatin

2 boxes of flavored gelatin (3. Oz boxes)

Simply combine all three ingredients in a saucepan and stir them together. Once the powders are dissolved, turn the heat on to medium low, stirring until the mixture becomes more liquidy like a syrup.  You may want to pour it into a bowl with a spout before you try to pour the mixture directly into the mold. If you choose not to use a silicone mold, use a nonstick tray, or give the tray a light spray of cooking oil.  Put the filled molds in the refrigerator for 20-25 minutes until they are firm, and then the fun can begin!

how to make gummy candy

For Extra Flavor

If you want a more intense flavor to your gummy treats, you can add a packet of flavored Kool-Aid to the mixture. Or, if you want to make cola flavored gummies, add some cola flavoring and a touch of citric acid to mimic the fizzy taste of soda. For extra sparkle, dip the gummies in sugar before serving.

For Extra Fun

You can incorporate your homemade gummies into these fun recipe and activity ideas. Instead of just eating the gummy candy, place some of the smaller shapes into a traditional ice cube tray. Fill with water and freeze. Your kids can enjoy a cold drink with an extra treat once the ice cubes dissolve!

Gummy fish and other shapes are great for making candy sushi, and you can add pizazz to basic rice krispy treats by rolling them into bite size pieces and topping with your homemade gummy candy. Ramp up the fun by challenging your kids to eat them with chopsticks!

Gummy candies bring a smile to anyone’s face, especially when they’re made at home with love. Learning how to make gummy candy will have your kids grinning from ear to ear all afternoon. Plus, when kept in a sealed container in a cool place, your candies can last up to three weeks, giving you even more time to create sweet memories together!