how to make gummy candy

How To Make Gummy Candy in LEGO Shapes

Gummy candies are so much fun and are loved by adults and children alike! This versatile treat can be made in almost any flavor or color, and comes in all sorts of shapes, from bears and worms to eyeballs, fish, and cartoon characters.

While store-bought gummies are tons of fun, it’s also surprisingly easy to make LEGO gummy molds yourself. If you’ve ever wondered how to make gummy candy at home, then this is the guide for you. We’re going to build your DIY candy skills and teach you how to make LEGO brick candy with this easy-to-follow LEGO gummy recipe!

Just like gummies, everyone loves LEGOs, from the 7 year-old building a pirate ship from her basic set to the 45 year-old expert building complicated LEGO models from thousands of pieces. Gummy candy in LEGO shapes combines the fun of both gummy candy and LEGOs for a sweet, edible toy! The best part about gummy candy in LEGO shapes is that they’re as fun to make as they are to eat!

Loose colorful gummy candies, including gummy bears and watermelon slices.

How to Make Gummy Candy LEGOs

What You Need for this LEGO Gummy Mold Recipe

  • A LEGO mold. The LEGO store sells LEGO brick ice trays. But if you’re really feeling crafty, you can try to make your own LEGO gummy mold.
  • 2 packets Knox gelatin.
  • ½ cup cold water.
  • ¼ cup corn syrup.
  • 1 box colored Jello. This recipe makes an entire batch of one color.
  • This video, which gives you step by step instructions, including trouble-shooting potential problems.
A silver pot with a spoonful of sugar being poured in.

How To Do It

The video will give you more details on how to make LEGO gummy molds, but the basic procedure is:

  • Stir the corn syrup in with the water until the mixture is uniformly clear.
  • Put it all in a pot and add both packets of gelatin. Stir it in till dissolved.
  • Pour in the entire packet of Jello. Stir it in till dissolved.
  • Turn stove to medium-low heat and heat mixture for 5-10 minutes, stirring regularly.
  • Once mixture is liquified, you can pour it into the molds and cool it.
  • Once it is cooled, it is ready to enjoy!

The video also shares some pretty cool hacks, like what to do if your gelatin doesn’t fully dissolve and how to use a condiment bottle to put the mixture into the mold.

Have Fun With Gummy Candy

Now that you know how to make gummy candy LEGOs, the next question is what to do with the gummy LEGO shapes. These fun and sweet LEGO treats can be mixed and matched for a variety of colors and flavors. The best part is LEGO gummy candy can also be used like real LEGOs! Kids and adults alike can use these edible blocks to build their own unique candy creations. After the fun of preparing them, you and the kids in your life can build fun structures and then eat them!

Storing LEGO Brick Candy Creatively

There are lots of fun ways to store plastic LEGOs, and a lot of them can also be used to store gummy LEGOs when they’re finished and cooled. LEGO makes a lot of products to store their blocks, or you can opt to be more creative and make your own. For example, if the LEGO brick candy is for a party, small LEGO themed buckets or containers can be made or bought inexpensively. Though of course, you can always store them in your stomach!

As you can see, learning how to make gummy candy in LEGO shapes is easy, especially with this fun LEGO gummy recipe. The best part is that this recipe and all the advice in it can be applied to other molds. Little LEGO men? You got it! Gummy toys in other shapes? The only limit is your imagination and what you can find or make LEGO gummy molds for! Playing with your food is never more fun than when you know how to make gummy candy into LEGO shapes!