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Cotton Candy Bouquets & Other Candy-Centric Wedding Ideas

There’s good news for all the sweet-toothed lovebirds out there: according to Delish’s experts in all things delicious, it’s the year of the edible bouquet. And it makes sense! There’s no sweeter place for edible decorations than a wedding.

One of the standouts of the trend is the cotton candy bouquet. Whether it’s to save money on expensive floral bouquets or just celebrate your love for cotton candy with a sweet, whimsical tribute, there’s no denying the charm these cotton candy bouquets add to any wedding.

Want to try a Cotton Candy Bouquet at Your Wedding?

The good news is cotton candy is extremely affordable and widely available, so unless you’ve got very specific requirements for the color of the candy or the handle “stems,” it’s an easy material to use for your bouquet. Plus, you get to EAT it at the end. That’s a lot more useful than flowers!

If you want to try out this adorable trend, just make sure you can find a supplier that can get you the color you need to match the rest of your palette. You may want to have decorative handles in a specific color, too. You’ll also want to think about how many cotton candy bouquets you want – will you be the only person carrying one, or will all your bridesmaids have them too? (The more the merrier if you ask us!)

Cotton Candy wedding ideas

Despite their simplicity, cotton candy bouquets are a fairly creative opportunity with just a little planning.

Not as excited about cotton candy as we are? Don’t worry. We’ve put together a list of other edible bouquets and wedding decorations that might tempt you.

Lollipops or Cake Pops

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Like cotton candy, lollipops and cake pops are practically begging to be made into bouquets since they’re made to be eaten on sticks (or “stems”). Lollipops and cake pops can be placed in bouquets, vases, or stands for guests to enjoy.

Hard candy lovers can get their fix with lollipop bouquets in endless different sizes, shapes, colors, and flavors (champagne is popular), depending on the level of customization you want. For a fun, retro look, you can have bouquets or centerpieces of giant striped Willy-Wonka-style lollipops or use smaller, simpler candies for a modern look.

Cake pops, on the other hand, offer an extra opportunity for creative decorations that could even complement (or replace) the wedding cake.

Muffin or Cupcake Bouquets

Pastry enthusiasts and Great British Bake-off addicts alike can probably get behind a bouquet or centerpiece made from cupcakes. Like cake pops, any variation on wedding “cake” offers the opportunity for a fun (and sweet) twist to a wedding tradition. You might want to carry a cupcake bouquet, replace the cake with a cupcake stand, or offer cupcake centerpieces on tables.

While you might not decorate muffins in the same way as cupcakes, they can be a healthier substitute for cupcakes, especially for a ceremony earlier in the day. Just make sure these pastries aren’t too big or unwieldy to be placed on sticks.

Candy Bowl Centerpiece

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You can’t go wrong with candy bowls at pretty much any celebration. This is another highly customizable idea you can really integrate with the rest of your wedding decorations. You can create bowls based on your and your partner’s favorite candies, match candies to the wedding theme or colors, or get custom M&M’s printed with pictures or the couple’s names.

Chocolate Flowers

If you love flowers AND candy, why not get the best of both worlds with a bouquet of chocolate flowers? Chocolate can be molded into any shape, so you can choose whatever “flower” you prefer and have the pieces put on wooden sticks for “stems.” Then you can place them in bouquets or vases, and, of course, eat them at the end of the day!

Of course, this particular idea takes some planning, as you’ll need to find a supplier who can mold the chocolate into whatever shape you need. But it can be well worth the effort for chocolate lovers who want to include their favorite treat at their wedding.

A Sweet Twist

There’s no end to the ways you can play with cherished traditions to honor your favorite sweet treats. If you ask us, that’s what living sweetly is all about. Check out all our candy-centric ideas and recipes on our blog, and if there’s a candy lover in your life, think about sending the joy of gourmet candy right to their doorstep.