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6 Candy Art Projects to Try With Your Kids

Another kid’s birthday party, leftover Halloween candy; your kid has so much access to candy that you’re overwhelmed with all the excess. Your little loved one tugging on your sleeve, imploring you with their eyes to eat “just one more” candy. But they’ve already eaten more than their fair share! What can you do, as a parent?

Art projects with candy, or candy art, is the perfect solution to control candy consumption while still not dumping the candy. Candy art goes a step further by presenting itself as a learning activity and messy-sensory play

In a nutshell, boost your kid’s motor skills, coordination, and concentration by creating unique candy art. And if the candy art ideas below make you want to go straight to the candy store, check out the offerings at Candy Club.

Candy Mosaic Art

Recreate your favorite characters and masterpieces with leftover candy. You can do something magnificent and spend hours articulately placing M&Ms to achieve perfection, or you can use a glue stick and gummy bears to create something simple. 

What matters most is your little ones playing and exploring different colors and forms. Introducing materials like colored paper, cardboard, scissors, glue sticks, sellotape, and even a glue gun makes them feel responsible and like a Big Kid.

Candy mosaic cards are great to make and offer for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day (think green candy shamrocks!), and any other celebration. Guaranteed to last a whole morning or afternoon, and suitable for kids (and adults!) of any age. 

Paint With Candy

You know those boxes of Nerds? Yeah, those 15 boxes you’ve stashed in the back of the cupboard… Well, they can be used to paint. The candy’s already come separated so it’s pretty simple and tasty!

  1. Pour box of Nerds into an empty jar.
  2. Fill halfway with water.
  3. Let sit for five to ten minutes for the color to run off the candy.
  4. Dip in your paintbrush and start getting creative!

Tammy from Housing A Forest has shared her great experience with painting with candy Nerds. 

The best part about painting with candy? It’s not toxic. For those too-curious little ones who like to get their hands dirty while being creative, your kids can accidentally put their fingers, or even the paintbrushes, into their mouths without getting hurt. (Although it might not be such a good habit to fall into…)

Laffy Taffy Jewelry

These candies have been a household favorite since the 70s and don’t look like they’re going out of style anytime soon – Laffy because they’re hilarious, thanks to the jokes included, and Taffy thanks to its chewy texture.

Treat this candy as you would Play-Doh. Remove it from the wrapper, place it in the palm of your hand, and start creating a ball. Do this with all your candy pieces. It’s much easier to get even and smooth sizes, and plus it’s a lot of fun. 

Beaded Necklace or Bracelet

Using a needle and nylon elastic cord, string together your balled Laffy Taffy to create beautiful necklaces and bracelets. Tie on a clasp for them to last longer. 

Friendship Bracelets

Place the ball on the table and roll it out into a long, thin thread. Do this with three different colors. Braid together the lengths to create your very own unique friendship bracelet.

Candy Art Brooches

With a rolling pin, flatten out your candy ball. Cut out a shape or animal form. Sellotape a safety pin onto the back of it and wear it as a brooch! Great gift idea for grandma.

Candy Monsters

For candy monsters, you can use all different types of candy: marshmallows, lollipops, gummy bears, chocolate caramel balls, sour candies, everything and anything that’s sweet and in plenty supply. Turn them into something ugly and horrendous and gobble them up after. 

All you need are candies, toothpicks, and an imagination.

Pucker Up! Who says sweet can’t be a little sour? If you like your treats to pack a punch, check out Candy Club’s selection of sour gummies, bites, laces and more. Shop Candy Club Sours

Show off your finished pieces

When making candy art, keep in mind that glitter will always be your best friend. It helps add a finishing touch that becomes Instagram-worthy. When you’re finished with your pieces, take pictures of the pieces, let your kid practice taking pictures, and then upload them to a private Instagram or Facebook profile. Share the link with your family for an official candy art exhibition.Ready to get started? Head on over to Candy Club to get your creative juices flowing and see what candy art you can create!