Graduation Gift Ideas - Class of 2019
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5 Unique & Fun Graduation Gifts that Involve Candy

There’s no occasion better suited to spring than graduation. During a time symbolizing change, fresh starts, and new beginnings, graduations let us celebrate all that our friends and loved ones can look forward to. We shower them with pride and well wishes for the future… and plenty of indulgences, of course!

And since our number-one favorite indulgence is – you guessed it – candy, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to list a few fun and unique graduation gift ideas with candy as the focal point.

So grab your cameras, caps and gowns, and scroll down for five adorable candy-themed DIY graduation gift ideas.

Graduation Gift Ideas With Candy

1. Candy Lei

DIY Graduation Candy Lei

In Hawai’i, the tradition of giving leis has an incredibly rich and diverse history. Since one occasion to give a lei is to celebrate an arrival or departure, it makes sense that Americans have adapted this tradition for school graduations. Graduates are leaving one chapter of their education or career and embarking on another – hence flower leis on the big day.

Luckily, leis are a super versatile and adaptable graduation gift idea with candy, since you can make a lei out of anything. Money is a popular choice for graduations, but a candy lei is an even more fun idea. Candy leis also make for great DIY graduation gifts because you can put them together with minimal craftiness.

To make a DIY candy lei, grab some bags of your grad’s favorite candy bar or hard candy, some cellophane, and ribbons. Have fun with it, like using ribbons in the colors of the university your grad is headed to.

2. Candy Wreath

A variation on the candy lei, a candy wreath is another great grad gift for the crafty-hearted. Like leis, graduation wreaths are also often made with money – and hey, who says you can’t use both?

Decorate this graduation gift idea with candy your grad loves, or symbolic candy like Paydays to wish them luck on future job hunts. Just like with leis, have fun with your use of color and decoration. Display the wreath on their door, car, or workplace for a sweet surprise!

3. Sweet-tastic College Survival Kit

A college survival kit is a super fun idea for any high school grad, but especially if you live long-distance since you can pop it in the mail. For this DIY graduation gift, load up a box, basket, or bucket with tools for college survival – everything from pens and notecards to gift cards, toiletries, earplugs, and (of course!) lots and lots of candy for energy on those late-night study sessions. You can even decorate the container for an extra sweet custom grad gift.

4. Personalized Mug with Coffee Candy

Is the grad in your life a coffee lover? Even if they’re not already, they might be once it’s time to hit the books! For the DIY-lovers, this is a great opportunity to personalize a mug or travel thermos with a photo or custom text, though any mug or thermos will do. For example, it’s not a bad idea to order one from the student store of your grad’s future college. Then, fill it with a sampling of the best coffee candy the world has to offer.

5. Candy Club Subscription

What’s better than a graduation gift you can give anyone, any time, from anywhere? That same graduation gift, with CANDY. Luckily, a Candy Club candy box subscription lets you do just that. Send a sweetly curated gourmet candy box to your grad’s door all summer long, all semester long, or both!

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