Recycle ideas: Candy Clubs used as makeup holders
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Upcycling Ideas: 6 Ways You Can Reuse Your Candy Club Containers

When you finally receive your Candy Club box in the mail, you might think the fun ends when the candy runs out. But if you get creative, the fun never has to end. When you’re done with your candy, don’t just throw out those little plastic jars. With a little time and imagination, you can upcycle those jars to be used inside and outside of your house.

Some of you might ask yourself, what is upcycling? Upcycling is the process of reusing discarded or used objects to create something better than it was originally. While a candy jar is already a pretty fantastic thing, when the candy is gone, your jar can move on to bigger and better things! So if you’re out of tasty candy, get crafty and try one of these upcycling ideas!

Repurposed Jars with Chalkboard Labels

All you have to do is clean off the jar and add a chalkboard label, and you have a bunch of jars to store stuff in. Pencils and school supplies? Baking goods? Cotton balls in your bathroom? You name it, all you need is chalk to write on the label, and you have a cute storage container that was made from upcycled materials. It’s a decorative upcycling idea that also makes a great gift when filled with recipient’s favorite things!

Upcycled candy cups filled with office supplies

Repurposed Floating Spice Jar Shelf

Do you ever feel like no matter how often you reorganize your spices, they always get pushed around so you can’t find the one you are looking for? By using your leftover candy jars to build a floating spice jar shelf you can never stress about it again. Once you’ve built the shelf, fill the jars with spices and label them however you like (may we suggest chalkboard labels!?) and hang them up. With this clever upcycling idea, your spices will never get out of order again!

Food Storage

Upcycle ideas: Candy Club cups repurposed as snack cups filled with trail mix, pretzels, and cookies

This is one of our favorite upcycling ideas because it’s easy and super versatile. Just rinse out the Candy Club jars with hot water and soap, hang onto the lids, and you have yourself some convenient food storage containers. If you meal prep during the week, this is a great way to store your leftovers without wasting the plastic jars. Plus, your healthy snacks might seem a little bit more like a sweet treat in a candy container. None of us at Candy Club will judge you if you pack some candy in your lunch.

Repot Some Plants

Trying your hand at any of these upcycling ideas is already good for the planet because you’re keeping plastic out of the landfills, but you can go above and beyond by planting something green in the jars. Whether you start a mini garden, use the jars to try your hand at propagating from other plant cuttings, or use them to start seeds before planting outdoors, Candy Club jars are the perfect planters for you.

Piggy Bank/Money Jar

Are you saving up for a summer vacation? Or maybe you want to teach your child the value of saving money? No matter your reason for saving money, upcycling our candy jars is a great way to do it. Just cut a slot in the top of your Candy Club jar lid and you have yourself an awesome money jar. Decorate the jar using our chalkboard idea above and give them out as party favors at your child’s next birthday–you can even fill them with candy to create a dual-purpose gift.

Store Bathroom and Makeup Supplies

Upcycle for Earth Day: Candy Club cups filled with makeup brushes

Do you need a place to store your cotton balls, Q-tips, or makeup brushes? Is your bathroom always disorganized? That’s right; we have another use for your leftover Candy Club jars. Clean them out, fill them with Q-tips, cotton balls, makeup, or even jewelry. Depending on how you decorate them you can store them in your medicine counter or out on the counter for guests to see.

As you can see, the sky’s the limit when it comes to upcycling ideas. You can get creative with the decoration and use your leftover Candy Cub jars to store whatever you want. Not only will you de-stress with some good old fashioned arts n’ crafts, but you’ll feel good about doing your part to help the Earth. Happy upcycling!