Corporate Gift Ideas When a Gift Basket Just Won’t Do

Making consistent good impressions at the office is (unsurprisingly) the best way to climb the corporate ladder. Of course, everyone goes into work each day intending to do their job well and impress the boss, which might leave you searching for ways to stand out.

Keeping your clients happy is a surefire way to do that! Whether it’s a potential client or a client you’ve had for as long as you’ve been doing business, showing them you’re grateful to be working for them with corporate gifts is a double win: your clients will love you for it and your boss will, too.

Maybe you need to show your employees some appreciation for all the hard work they’ve been doing. Give them a gift that they’ll remember; traditional gift baskets look nice as a package, but they are also overpriced and outdated. With all the gift options the internet has to offer, why settle on a cheesy gift basket? Instead, try one of these unique corporate gifts on for size!

Catered Breakfast for the Whole Office

Coworkers enjoying time together

If you want to treat everyone at your office to some great corporate gifts, there is no secret that food is the way to win over your employees’ hearts. Find a local restaurant that caters breakfast and start the day off with fresh waffles and coffee! Your employees are sure to feel appreciated. Do you have a more laid-back office environment? Schedule a happy hour with a couple of different beers or wines and appetizers to help your employees make it to the weekend.

5-in-1 Tool Pen

This gift is perfect for any handy colleague of yours. When you gift this tool pen, you’re not just gifting a pen; you’re also giving your lucky coworker or client a screwdriver, a touch stylus for any smart device, a ruler, an integrated bubble level, and of course, a traditional pen. Anyone who keeps this pen in their repertoire is ready for just about anything, from writing to setting up Ikea furniture.

Color Changing Water Bottle

Turn hydration into a magic trick with these color changing water bottles. When they’re empty, these water bottles are a white stainless steel. When you fill the bottles with cold water, they change to either purple, orange, or blue. As you drink the water, the bottle turns back to white, reminding you when it’s time to get a refill. These corporate gifts are great for any office dweller to show off to their friends around the office water cooler.

A Coffee Subscription

Any functioning office functions primarily thanks to their stellar employees, but the presence of good coffee is probably a close second. With a coffee subscription from Blue Bottle Coffee, you can send your recipient coffee every other week for three to six months or create a custom subscription. Whatever subscription you choose, you are basically sending someone a warm cup of joy and energy every day, and what is better than that?

Grateful and Thankful Candle

Candles for thank you gifts

Candles are a great gift for someone who needs to slow down and smell the roses (or the rose scented candle!) Adding a candle to any room changes the vibe of that room. But take it from us: skip the generic candle and wow them with a personalized candle that says “thank you.”  If you gift one of these candles, you even have the option to add a personalized message to the back. Talk about a corporate gift that speaks for itself.

Mason Jar Indoor Herb Garden

Plants are a great way to bring life into a room, but planters with herbs have the added bonus of adding flavor to your food. These gifts are even safe for plant-owner newbies. These mason jar herb gardens are foolproof because you can always see how much water is in the jar and you’ll know when you need to refill them. Plus, they are gorgeous and sure to brighten up any office space.

Personalized Monogrammed Cell Phone Card Caddies

It’s the 21st century, so just about everyone has a cell phone, meaning cell phone accessories are a great gift because everyone can use them. These monogrammed cell phone card caddies are the perfect custom corporate gift because you can customize them to include the name of the recipient or the name of your brand if you’re looking for some (almost free) advertising.

“You Rock” Crystal Planter

Let your clients know they rock- literally! These crystal air plants are so Insta-worthy and beautiful; it will seem like you have sent a luxury gift, except without the luxury price tag. They have different options for different kinds of crystals: amethyst, emerald, rose quartz, or amazonite. This gift comes with the crystal, an air plant, the “You Rock” gift box, and a guide to air plant care and crystal meaning depending on what kind of crystal you choose.

A Candy Club Gift Box

Overhead view of an open Candy Club candy subscription box

Most offices have a candy jar filled with stale, old peppermints or Lifesavers. Not after you send them a Candy Club gift box! When you send a coworker or client a Candy Club gift box, you are sending them a box of sweet smiles. Choose from the different options on our website, with both sweet and sour options available. All options are equally delicious, so it’s hard to go wrong.