Unique candies to try from Candy Club including Gummy Butterflies, Cupcake Bites, Rainbow Blox, Pink Piglets, and Rainbow Laces
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13 Unique Candies to Try This Year

Candies are everlasting. They don’t have a specific time of year like Peeps and heart-shaped candies (looking at you, Easter and Valentines). You can order any type of candy on a Monday afternoon and happily taste a few on a Wednesday evening. Of course, the rules are “no candy before dinner” and “no candy before bedtime,” but we’re adults now, right?

Anyhow, we’re getting off point here. Want to feel like a kid in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Read on to discover and drool over the most unique types of candy that you definitely need to try this year. 

13 unique types of candy, in no particular order…

1. Mango Chili Bears

The unfaltering gummy bear has decided to spice things up a bit with this delicious Mango Chili flavor. If you like fruit-flavored candy, and you adore those little bears, then this type of candy is right up your alley.

2. Chocolate Toffee Peanuts

You read that right: chocolate with toffee and peanuts – heaven! Chocolate candy might not seem particularly unique, but this triumvirate of sweetness is a hit in the candy department. 

3. Tropical Drops

This unseemingly chewy drop will explode with flavor in your mouth. What flavors to expect? Coconut and pineapple. The two tropical fruits blend excellently together and have all our subscribers raving.

4. Sour Gummy Octopus

Here’s a type of candy that’s truly unique: octopus-shaped sours. The envied sourness really bursts with all those tentacles, a must-have for any sour candy lover! The kids love these for a sweet treat. 

5. Pink Piglets

Who knew candy could be both delicious and cute? These sweet and sour babes are a delight for the whole family. The sweet-tart berry flavor is a must for any watering mouth. And yes, you can eat them like a pig if you want!

6. Pineapple Rings

Another fruit-flavored type of candy that made it onto this list. Even if you’re not a pineapple on pizza aficionado, you can still appreciate these chewy must-haves. You can even pretend they’re rings, we won’t tell! 

7. BananaBerry Sour Belts

Who doesn’t love a sour belt type of candy? And banana strawberry-fused sour belts? Where have you been all our lives! A touch of sour, a touch of sweetness, a touch of ecstasy in each mouthful.

8. Watermelon Slices

You’ll love popping these fruit-flavored candies into your mouth, one after the other. Bursting with watermelon flavor and dusted with sour sugar, these are a sweet treat for all the family to enjoy.

9. Van Gogh Self Portrait

Part of our limited series (don’t hesitate to buy these ones), Van Gogh’s Self Portrait candies are one of a kind. Mint green discs speckled with white nonpareils, they’ll melt in your mouth before you can realize you’re laid back in candy heaven. 

10. Van Gogh Starry Night

Another one in the Van Gogh Limited Series, the Starry Night makes for a wonderful, unique type of candy. The different colors truly represent Van Gogh’s palette, and the sweet and sour flavors appease our own palates.

Treat yourself! Cupcakes, cookies & cream - oh my! From cotton candy taffy to cookie dough bites, Candy Club’s selection has something to satisfy every kind of sweet tooth.

11. Roaring 20s Puttin’ on the Ritz

Now we get to travel through the decades and arrive in the 20s with these cookie malt, chocolate mint-covered, chocolate-chipped balls. Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. Pop one of these into your mouth, close your eyes and be transported to another era.

12. Chocolatey Caramelcorn

This is truly a unique type of candy: caramel popcorn (yummy) drizzled with milk chocolate. You can bring movie nights to a whole new level with these sweet treats, bedazzling your whole family and forever remaining in their favor.

13. Dark Chocolate Mini Mels

Last one on the list is these personal caramel chocolate-covered mini balls. These you keep all to yourself. In your desk drawer, in the top cupboard, in your purse! These are to be enjoyed by you and only you, because you deserve it. 

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