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Our Totally Sweet Mother’s Day Gift Guide

There aren’t many days of the year sweeter than Mother’s Day. What’s better than enjoying a Sunday in spring with the woman who got you where you are today? And for those of us who trace our own love of sweets back to childhood memories of licking the spoon after Mom had just popped a new treat into the oven, Mother’s Day is just that much more delicious.

Whether your mom enjoys treating herself with a good dessert on her big day or is a full-on candy-holic, she deserves something sweet to celebrate all her hard work. That’s why we’re excited to present our ultimate guide to the sweetest Mother’s Day gifts.

Get your shopping lists and taste buds ready for some seriously delectable Mother’s Day gift ideas!

The Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Moms with a Sweet Tooth

Standing Mixer

Does your mom’s baking arsenal need an upgrade? Whether she’s been doing her mixing by hand or her old standing mixer is on its last legs, any baking queen would love a brand-new toy for the kitchen. A new standing mixer will make her life so much easier.

DIY Candy-Themed Cocktail Brunch

If your mom has a sweet tooth, chances are she loves to relax when the occasion calls for it. Cue the cocktail brunch! Put an extra sweet twist on the affair by trying a candy-themed cocktail like Cotton Candy Martinis. There are tons of candy-inspired mimosas for the champagne-loving mom, too.

Round out the brunch with mom’s favorite sweet treats and some flowers. And don’t forget to do the cooking and clean-up for her so she can have the break she deserves!

Gift Basket with All Her Favorites

Your mom deserves it all – don’t just limit those Mother’s Day gift ideas to one or two treats! Put together a customized gift basket full of all her favorite candies. You can go beyond candy, too, and include tea, coffee, wine, savory snacks, and even personalized goodies like mugs or champagne glasses. If you think it will help your mom treat herself (pun intended), throw it in!

DIY Custom Candy Jars

This is another gift that’s great for adding a personal touch to your gift for Mom. Pick up a few handfuls of your mom’s favorite candies and treats, then swing by your local craft store, because this Mother’s Day gift idea is all about being creative. A DIY custom candy jar lets you express your personality and your mom’s, and adds a sweet twist to an even sweeter gift.

Check out our tips for how to make a custom candy jar that will make an impression this Mother’s Day.

Cocktail Kit

For the mom who loves to celebrate, a cocktail kit will help her have a good time in style. Break it out for your sweet cocktail brunch or wait until later… Either way, this Mother’s Day gift idea is the perfect way to show your mom she deserves to relax every once in a while.

French Press or Espresso Machine

For some, coffee and candy go together like bread and butter. If this is true for your mom, surprise her with a brand-new French press or espresso machine so she can enjoy her caffeine at its best. After all, with all the hard work she puts in, your mom probably needs all the energy boosts she can get.

Extra points for throwing in some coffee candy to keep with the sweet theme!

Homemade Baked Goods

Mother’s Day is always an excellent occasion for homemade gifts. Your mom spent most of your early life putting in the elbow grease it took to keep you happy and healthy. Why not return the favor by letting her lick the spoon for once?

From after-dinner desserts to brunch-ready treats, there are tons of delicious recipes out there if you want to try something new. Or, for a more personalized gift that will bring out all your mom’s feels, try a traditional family recipe you’ve been perfecting. And if your mom just can’t get enough of candy, double the sweetness with one of our own candy-inspired treats.

Candy Bouquet

Sure, flower bouquets are classic Mother’s Day gift ideas, and your mom probably wouldn’t complain about fresh flowers on her big day. But if you’re ready for a modern twist that will also satisfy Mom’s sweet tooth, consider giving her a candy bouquet.

This is a fun gift that gives you the opportunity to get creative if you choose the DIY route. You can even craft “flowers” out of whatever candies you choose. Include all her favorite candies and colors, and she’ll be touched by such a personalized gift.

Candy and Wine

Don’t just stop at candy this Mother’s Day. Include some wine so your mom will feel extra pampered! Go the extra mile by pairing your candy and wine wisely.

You can check out our guide to pairing candy with wine, but for Mother’s Day, we suggest something light and sweet enough for an afternoon or early evening gathering, like fruity candies or baked treats paired with a rosé.

An Actual Honeycomb

For the mom who loves to really pamper herself, a charcuterie tray complete with an actual honeycomb is an easy way to take Mother’s Day up a notch. Fresh honeycomb is as sweet as any candy and goes well with a whole range of sweet and savory pairings. Depending on where you live, you may be able to find good quality honeycombs at your local specialty market, but there are plenty of online options too.

Grab some soft and hard cheeses, table crackers, bread, and fresh fruits like apples, pears, and berries, and get ready for a luxurious Mother’s Day brunch.

Gourmet Candy Box Subscription

What’s better than giving the sweet gift of candy for Mother’s Day? Giving that gift every month for however long you want. With a gourmet candy box subscription from Candy Club, your mom can enjoy a delectably curated batch of gourmet candies delivered straight to her door every month – because your mom deserves to be celebrated all year!

To check out our past boxes or learn more about how our subscription boxes work, visit our website today.

No matter which of these Mother’s Day gift ideas you choose to celebrate your mom, be sure to make it sweet, whatever that means for her!