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Unique Candy Gifts for Graduates

It’s about time for those hard-working grads to don their caps and gowns and get their diploma or degree. This means it is about time for their loved ones to start deciding how they want to show the grad in their life just how proud they are. And there’s no better way to show someone that you’re proud of them than by giving them their favorite sweets. That’s right folks; we’re talking about candy! 

It should come as no surprise that we think candy-themed graduation gifts are one of the best gifts for graduates. If you have a sweets-loving graduate in your life but aren’t exactly sure where to start, don’t worry. We’ve compiled a list of unique graduation gift ideas that all include a little (or a lot) of candy. 

Graduation Candy Bar Poem Gift Jar

The graduate in your life has studied hard in math, science, and that’s right, literature. Show them you know they appreciate the finer things in life, like poetry and candy, by compiling a tub or a jar with a fun candy-themed poem that shows them just how proud you really are. Bonus points with this poem: the recipient gets to eat the candy mentioned in the poem, making it just that much sweeter. Why didn’t Shakespeare think of that?

Candy Bar Lei

DIY candy graduation lei

Traditionally, leis are given out to symbolize your affection towards someone else. Most commonly, leis are given to someone as they arrive or leave a destination or important point in their life. So, it is no surprise that leis are a common graduation gift: they are given to someone as they are leaving one phase in their life and getting ready to go onto the new. 

However, leis don’t have to be made of just flowers. With some fun-sized candy bars, plastic wrap, and ribbon, they can easily be made into one of the best gifts for graduates. They will be an especially loved gift if you sneak a little bit of cash in with the candy. 

Graduation Gift Bottle Set 

A fun thing to do to celebrate good times is pop some bubbly! However, especially with our high school graduates, not everyone is allowed to celebrate with much more than some apple cider. With this graduation gift bottle set, the grad in your life can pop bottles… of candy! Pro-tip: fill one of the bottles with some spending money and you’ll really have given out one of the best gifts for graduates. 

Candy Topiary

Houseplants are great gifts for our friends with a green thumb, but they can be an added responsibility that not everyone wants. However, there is a plant you can give recent grads that require no extra love or attention: a candy tree! It will be the gift that keeps giving during late night study sessions when they need a little energy boost, plus they’ll have enough to share with their roommates, making it one of the best gifts for graduates and their friends. 

Candy Bouquet

Pink candy bouquet for graduation gift

Floral bouquets are a beautiful gift that shows someone you love them. But flowers die! Instead, you can give someone a candy bouquet and show them just how proud you are of all of their hard work and accomplishments! Bonus points: instead of putting this bouquet in a vase (because it’s not like the candy should be in water like flowers should, anyway), put them in a festive mug. You can find some fun graduation-themed mugs with inspirational quotes on them. That way, each morning when they pour themselves a cup of coffee, they’ll know that someone is out there who is proud of them. 

Candy Club Subscription

Candy Club Subscription

If you’re looking for a gift that keeps giving, send the hard-working grad in your life a subscription to Candy Club! There are different options for those who prefer sweet or sour candy, so matter the grad, we have something we think they’d like to receive on their special day!