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The Best Subscription Boxes to Give This Holiday Season

The subscription box craze is far from over, and it’s pretty obvious why. Why give someone a single gift when you can have a whole box of goodies sent straight to their door – possibly even month after month? Plus, getting ready for the holidays already has you busy enough. A gift you don’t even have to go to the store to buy is a real lifesaver.

If you’re looking for a fun, unique, and super easy gift to give this holiday season, look no further than this list of the best subscription boxes out there. These themed boxes represent a huge spectrum of interests, from fashion to books to wine and beyond. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves! Scroll down to check out the boxes and maybe add your faves to your “shopping” list.

Gift Guide: The Best Subscription Boxes to Give This Year

Culture & Lifestyle Box

FabFitFun – This seasonal women’s lifestyle subscription provides up to $200 worth of fitness, beauty, home, and lifestyle goodies at a quarter of the price. A typical winter box, for example, might contain cozy slippers, cold-weather snacks, and skincare products to help the beautiful women in your life get through those dry winter days. Plus, membership includes access to a fitness program.

Loot Crate – Have a self-identified geek in your life? Loot Crate sends curated boxes full of pop-culture goodies for “gamers and nerds,” from comic books and gadgets to apparel and collectibles. The best part is you can choose from a huge range of sub-categories – so yes, you can send that niece or nephew the Harry Potter themed box they’ve always dreamed of.

Book Box

OwlCrate – Another great gift for the young people in your life, OwlCrate is a well-loved subscription box for teen fiction readers. Each monthly themed box contains a brand new Young Adult novel, plus “bookish items” and special items from the author, making it one of the best subscription boxes to give this year.

Book of the Month – We all have that austere friend or relative who loves a no-frills, high-quality gift. BoTM is the perfect box for them. Each box contains a brand new book, a bookmark, and nothing more, so no need to worry about getting stuck with extra clutter. Gift recipients choose from a carefully vetted selection of new fiction and non-fiction in a range of genres – and they can even skip and roll over to the next month if nothing strikes their fancy – so your bookish friend is guaranteed to get exactly what they want.

Style Box

Stitch Fix – No matter who you are, you probably know at least one busy boss lady/super dad/burned-out millennial who barely has time to shop, let alone style themselves. Gift them a subscription to Stitch Fix and let them relax a little! They’ll hand-selected outfits picked by professional stylists, tailored to their unique tastes and size. Stitch Fix includes options for women, men, and kids.

Beauty Box

Ipsy – Ipsy is one of the best subscription boxes for sheer affordability, making it a win-win for you and the gift recipient. Give the gift of a personalized beauty subscription to the glam goddess in your life and have at least five high-quality beauty products sent to them monthly.

Birchbox – The OG beauty box, Birchbox is another massively popular beauty subscription that lets you sample big and niche brands according to your own personal style. There’s no better way to help a friend or relative pamper and treat themselves this holiday season.

Wine or Beer Box

Winc – Wine clubs aren’t just for fancy foodies, and you probably know a friend or two who wouldn’t mind getting a box of personally recommended wines shipped to their door. Save that friend the effort of standing in the wine aisle trying to figure out how dry that “dry” chardonnay really is with a Winc membership. They can sample the best wines without having to think (or leave their house), then get better and better recommendations over time.

Beer of the Month – Can’t forget about the beer enthusiasts out there! Whether it’s for dear old dad, a new beau or a hops-loving friend, a Beer of the Month Club membership lets your gift recipient sample a 12-pack of 4 different types of microbrews, including IPAs, pilsners, lagers, and more. Plus there’s free shipping!

Coffee Box

MistoBox – How many coffee addicts do you have in your life? We bet there’s more than one. This isn’t just any old coffee subscription – MistoBox pairs your gift recipient with a “coffee curator” to choose the absolute best beans for their tastes and preferences. Because we all know there are as many types of coffee as there are personalities, and when it comes to that morning cup of joe, anything less than “just right” won’t cut it.

Candy Box

Candy Club – What to do about the sweet tooth in your life? The holidays are probably their favorite time of year, what with all the candy canes and holiday treats – but with a candy subscription box, you can help them indulge all year-round. Candy Club sends monthly boxes of unique gourmet candies straight to your friend or loved one’s door, with options for mostly sweet and mostly sour choices to fit their tastes. There’s no sweeter gift than that!