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6 Reasons To Give a Candy Box Gift

Candy makes a perfect gift for the sweet people in your life, and gourmet candy is even better. Getting a candy gift box in the mail is the pinnacle of awesome for people with an appetite for the best (and the sweetest!) From dark chocolate to super-sour sours, chewy gummies to hard candies, a candy box gift is sure to satisfy the sweet tooth of any loved one.

Need more proof? Here are five reasons candy gift boxes are some of the absolute best gifts for a sweet-toothed friend.

A Candy Club Candy Box Shows Love…

It is no secret that candy is a popular romantic gift. Estimates put candy expenditures on Valentine’s Day in the United States at $1.6 billion dollars. Candy is also popular on dates, and is even the marker of the 6th wedding anniversary. For a loved one, a Candy Club candy gift box can be a great way to show your affection.

In need of a last-minute Valentine’s Day or anniversary gift? See if a little sour gummy goodness or white chocolate decadence can’t take the pressure off – and sweeten up the occasion! If all goes well, your partner might even share!

…and Spreads It From Afar

Endless occasions to show our loved ones we care come and go throughout the year, from holidays to birthdays to that just-because feeling. But in this globalized, fast-paced world, we can’t always be there when we want to be.

A Candy Club candy box gift is a thoughtful, fun, and most of all convenient way to show a friend or loved one you’re thinking about them.

And no need to worry about whether that white chocolate will melt in the homemade care package you were going to make. We handle the packaging and delivery with care so you can be sure your friend or loved one is getting the sweet, gourmet experience of a lifetime, without the mess!

You Get Amazing Variety

In stores, you are usually limited to buying large amounts of one type of candy, or to buying one brand’s variety. But with a Candy Club candy gift box, you get candy from many different international and gourmet brands! Our candy box gifts aren’t just filled with quality – they’ll also satiate a loved one’s wanderlust when they just can’t seem to get away from the daily doldrums.

From chocolate kisses to peach rings, flavored taffy, hot cinnamon candies and more, a candy box gift touches every flavor of sweet you can imagine!

Comes Straight to the Door

Imagine opening your door and finding a candy gift box on the porch! Wouldn’t that make your day? This is especially true for children–getting something in the mail is exciting for them no matter what. But for kids and adults alike, getting candy in the mail is sweeter than sweet!

For anyone with a sweet tooth, getting a gourmet candy gift box filled with international confections delivered right to their doorstep will put a smile not just on their face, but in their heart – and their mouth.

Milk/dark chocolate covered candy balls

Candy Club Gift Boxes Pack Tons of Value

At $20-30 per candy box, Candy Club offers you the best value for your money!

For one thing, you get six types of candy each month, with the option of choosing primarily sour or sweet! Each month, you get different candies, both domestic and international, delivered right to your door! Talk about a convenient way to get your candy fix!

Buying these candies in stores could easily cost double, and some of them have to be ordered from international vendors. Instead, with Candy Club, you get them for the low monthly price of $20-30.

Flexible Subscriptions

Don’t worry if you’ve missed Valentine’s Day, your anniversary, or the birthday of the biggest sweet tooth in your life. A Candy Club candy box gift can be enjoyed all year long!

With affordable prices and the ability to pause and resume your subscription any time, there are so many options to give your loved ones big and small a sweet treat to show them your appreciation. A Candy Club candy box gift can make a birthday treat last all year, a Christmas gift that keeps giving, or a wedding present to the sweet couple in your life!

Sweeten Someone’s Day with Candy Club

Candy always makes a great gift, but a candy gift box coming to the doorstep on a monthly basis is a thoughtful way to shower your loved ones with appreciation. There is never a bad reason to give someone a Candy Club candy gift box!

Every day gives us a new reason to give someone sweet a gift of sweets. Give a loved one a candy box today, and make their day extra sweet!