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22 Easy, Last-Minute Gifts Anyone Would Love

Scrambling to find a Secret Santa gift before the holiday party? Need to get something small but thoughtful for a new boo? Unfortunately, sometimes the simplest gifts are the hardest ones to figure out.

That’s why we’ve put together 22 of the best last minute gifts for pretty much anyone on your list. Whether you need easy Christmas gifts for coworkers, teachers, in-laws, or anything in between, the ideas in the gift guide below are sure to delight.

2019 Gift Guide: Easy Christmas Gifts for Every Type of Recipient

Home Goods

Stemless Wine Glasses

When’s the last time you bought yourself a nice set of wine glasses?

…That’s what we thought. Somehow this kind of basic necessity falls by the wayside as you dash from store to store replenishing the toilet paper, soap, and coffee supplies. Two or three broken glasses later and you find yourself drinking out of mismatched hand-me-downs (or coffee mugs – looking at you, millennials).

Treat someone to a simple, trendy, but always useful gift with a set of stemless wine glasses. For an extra personal touch, consider getting them monogrammed.

Cheese Board

This is another easy Christmas gift that almost no one thinks about buying themselves but any social butterfly (or foodie) would love. Even if the recipient isn’t the biggest party-thrower, who doesn’t love a good cheese plate? A wood or bamboo set with serving knives makes for a trendy holiday gift that truly keeps on giving.

Candle Gift Set

There’s not a single person who doesn’t have a good use for candles around the home. Bonus points if you know enough about their personality to pick out some scents they’ll like, but with a good variety pack, there’s sure to be something your friend or coworker will love.

Starter Plants

Great millennial gift alert! Sure, not everyone will appreciate plants as a gift. But if you know someone who’s expressed interest in greening up their space, starter plants like succulents are perfect. Make it more personal by including fun pots that fit your recipient’s personality.

Smart Speaker

Smart speakers are literally designed to make our lives easier! Do the busy go-getter (or the lazy nap-taker) in your life the favor of a lifetime by getting them a gift that will just do half their errands for them.

Temperature Control Mug

Even the most casual caffeine drinker will appreciate the luxury of never having to sip on a cup of cold coffee again. The world of temperature control mugs is vast, including both personalized and practical options.

Wine Insulator

The only thing worse than cold coffee is warm rosé. Save the wine drinker in your life from this tragedy with a wine chiller or insulator – simple, affordable, and super easy. Check out other wine gadgets, too!

Practical Gifts

Travel Neck Pillow

No need to wonder if the recipient is a frequent flyer. You only need one long flight in your life to make a high-quality travel neck pillow pay for itself… especially if the flight happens to be scheduled soon after arguing with Crazy Uncle at Christmas dinner.

Reusable Bags

Even the least environmentally conscious among us knows the shame of showing up at the Trader Joe’s cash register and asking for paper bags. Do someone a solid by handing over a set of reusable shopping bags in fun prints.

Keychain Phone Charger

Do we even need to explain the value of this gift idea? Pick up ten or so keychain phone chargers from pretty much any store and hand them out to all your friends. They will thank you!

Credit Card Multi-Tool

Credit card multi-tools have strong dad gift vibes, but don’t let that be a limitation. These super practical and portable gadgets are perfect easy Christmas gifts for anyone who likes to be prepared!

Games and Activities

Terrarium Kit

Can’t forget about the kids in your life! If you’ve got a creative, hands-on kid on your list, consider gifting them a starter terrarium kit. They’ll get their hands dirty (in a good way) and learn a lot about the great outdoors along the way.

Party Game

Party games are some of the best, easiest Christmas gifts because there’s so much variety and almost everyone can enjoy them. What’s better than getting out to try out a new game at absolutely no cost?

Movie Theater Gift Card

Ever met someone who doesn’t like going to the movies… for free? Didn’t think so. A movie voucher is one of the easiest last-minute gifts that practically anyone, anywhere, any age would appreciate. You can pick them up at any major theater, or consider gifting a real movie buff a monthly theater membership or best tablet for netflix review.

Escape Room Voucher

If you live in or near a major city in the U.S., you’re probably aware of the Escape Room craze. Maybe you’ve even experienced it yourself! These interactive games make great bonding experiences for coworkers, friends, and family, and many providers offer gift cards or vouchers for one-time use.

Self-Care Goodies

Spa Gift Card

Who doesn’t need a spa day from time to time? Treat someone in your life to a little (or a lot of) pampering with a gift card for a massage and/or spa day so they can unwind after the holiday madness.

Silk Eye Mask

From light and noise pollution to the cumulative stressors of work and family life, it’s harder and harder to sleep for many Americans. If you’ve got a friend or coworker who’s ever complained about not getting enough Z’s, they might just appreciate the small luxury of a silk sleep mask.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oil diffusers are all the rage in 2019, and it’s no surprise why. With proven benefits for stress relief, plus relative affordability, these relaxing gadgets make great holiday gifts for anyone in any type of home.

Food and Drink

Coffee or Tea Variety Pack

On the spectrum between “Caffeine gives me heart palpitations” and “I only drink hand-picked beans from a specific farm in Guatemala,” there are probably several friends or colleagues of yours who’d love to sample the best coffees and teas from a few different sources. Give them the morning perk they need with a coffee or tea gift set.

Hot Sauce Variety Pack

Hot-and-spicy is having quite a moment, from extreme hot sauce challenges to exciting new candy and drink flavors. For the daring foodie in your life, a specialty hot sauce gift pack is a fun and thoughtful holiday gift that will keep giving throughout the year.


themed candy christmas

There’s no bad occasion to give candy as a gift, but the holidays are especially perfect! Candy Club has a wide selection of holiday-themed candy cups guaranteed to satisfy any kind of sweet tooth, from mostly sours to mostly sweets.

Subscription Services

You name the product and there’s a subscription service for it these days – and that’s only part of why a subscription service is the perfect last-minute, easy Christmas gift for anyone on your list. Most of the time it’s as simple as a quick Google search, a look at the reviews, a check-out page and voila! A high-quality, thoughtful gift is sent right to your friend or colleague’s door with the click of a button.

From classic magazines to fitness gear to books to pretty much anything else you can imagine, you’re sure to find a subscription service to suit your recipient’s dearest hobbies and interests. For more ideas, check out our list of the best subscription services to gift this year.

And if you know a serious candy addict who’d love to get gourmet candies delivered every month, take a look at Candy Club’s candy subscription boxes. There’s no easier way to live sweetly this holiday season!