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Why A Candy Buffet Is Perfect For Bachelorette Parties

Let’s face it: planning a wedding can be awfully stressful. By the time they’ve bought the dress, sent out invitations, booked a DJ, and created the seating chart, most brides want nothing more than to cut loose with their dearest friends.

Luckily, cutting loose and spending time with friends is what a bachelorette party is all about! However, not every bride wants to hit the club in a “bride-to-be” sash. If you’re planning a bachelorette party for a non-traditional bride, consider something sweet and unique–namely, a candy buffet or bachelorette candy bar.

A woman sticking out her tongue while laying in candy with 2 starfish gummies covering her eyes while holding a rainbow lollipop.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Usually reserved for weddings, a candy buffet is simply a large collection of candy ready for your guests to snack on at their leisure. This simple dessert bar is a great way to put everyone in the party mood. After all, who among us doesn’t have a sweet tooth?

If you’re going for the atypical bachelorette bash or even if you’re just hosting a pre-party before you go out, a bachelorette candy bar will put everyone in a great mood and get them ready for a night of carefree fun and shameless indulgence!

Themes for Your Bachelorette Candy Bar

Once you’ve decided to incorporate a candy buffet into your bachelorette weekend, the next step is to pick a theme and decorate! Here are some of our favorite party ideas:

Celebrate Your Slumber Party Days

One staple of female childhood is the slumber party. You and your friends would come together to watch movies, eat junk food, and talk about everything. You didn’t need much to have a good time: just good company and good snacks.

A bachelorette party is the celebration that marks the end of a woman’s “single life.” So, why not turn back the clock and celebrate the old fashioned way? A bachelorette slumber-party is a great way for ladies to bond, just make sure you come bearing candy!

An assortment of candy in glass jars at a candy buffet

Bachelorette on a Budget

These days, weddings can get expensive; a 2014 survey found that the average cost of a wedding is over $31,000! Many couples are looking for ways to save money on their special day. Why not celebrate your bachelorette party in a cost-effective way?

You don’t have to leave town to have a good time. If you’re a bachelorette on a budget, you may want to consider a soiree at home (complete with a bachelorette candy bar, of course) or at your local favorites. This way, you can have a great time with friends and save money on all those bar cover charges! Have everyone dress up and bring their favorite drink!

Grown Up Candy

If you want to make your night a little more scandalous, go ahead and incorporate some grown-up candies into your buffet!

Set your bachelorette candy bar with alcoholic chocolates, edible undergarments, or hard candies in crazy shapes. Just like that, you’ve taken some tasty sweets and made them sassy—perfect for a party with a bride-to-be.

A bachelorette party is the perfect time to relax with your girlfriends and let go of any wedding stress. So whether you’re hitting the town or keeping it low-key, make sure you have something sweet to snack on! A bachelorette candy bar is a great addition to any bachelorette event.