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The Most Surprising Kit Kat Flavors of All Time

There’s a lot to love about the Kit Kat we Americans are acquainted with. Milk chocolate, crispy wafer, and a breakable form you can easily share? Nothing to complain about there. But the world of American Kit Kats is oh so small compared to the hundreds of flavors available worldwide. Yes, hundreds. Japan alone has over 200 unique flavors!

So while we may get the occasional limited-edition pumpkin Kit Kat in our Halloween bags, international candy lovers get to chow down on things like green tea, strawberry cheesecake, and cherry blossom Kit Kats. Some are pretty normal as far as candy flavors go – but there are quite a few flavors that might truly surprise you. Scroll down to read about them!

18 of the Most Surprising Kit Kat Flavors

These Kit Kat flavors range from “interesting” to “just why?” And yes, they can all be found in Japan.

1. Purple Sweet Potato

This one will only surprise Americans. The Okinawan purple sweet potato is a fairly common ingredient in both Okinawan and Japanese desserts.

2. Rum Raisin

Rum raisin is more commonly a flavor of ice cream and gelato. Maybe you can add the Kit Kat to a vanilla ice cream sundae?

3. Wasabi

Wasabi Kit Kat - weird kit kat flavors

Wasabi Kit Kats are not for the faint-hearted.

4. Hot Japanese Chili Powder

Chili Kit Kat
Image courtesy of Oyatsu Break!

You can find hot Japanese chili powder all over Japan – in gift shops, grocery stores, and apparently also in Kit Kats.

5. Sweet Bean Jelly

While sweet beans actually show up in a lot of Japanese desserts, it might be another new concept for Americans. But hey – peanuts are part of the bean family, so it’s not so weird after all. In fact, the packaging for this Kit Kat flavor shows a toasted sweet bean jelly sandwich. We’d try it!

6. Red Bean Soup

Told you those sweet beans are popular.

7. Soy Sauce

Some say it tastes less like soy sauce and more like maple syrup. Maybe that’s a good thing?

8. Brandy and Orange

You know, for when you need a stiff drink you can chew on.

9. Fruit Parfait

Image courtesy of CBS News

Fruit flavors like citrus, melon, and peach are pretty common international Kit Kat flavors, but we love the specificity of this one.

10. College Tater

No, we don’t know what a “college tater” is either. We have to assume this is a popular gift for high school grads.

11. Kobe Pudding

The packaging shows something that looks like flan.

12. Hot Cake

Pancakes may not be the first things to come to mind when you think of ideal candy flavors, but now that you mention it, it does sound amazing. Especially if you pair it with…

13. Maple

Never was there a better opportunity to mix and match your Kit Kat fingers.

14. Apple Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is everywhere these days, from cleaning to hair care products. It was only a matter of time before it showed up in your candy.

15. Sports Drink

What, you’ve never wondered what a Gatorade-flavored candy bar would taste like?

16. Salt Watermelon

Such complexity for such a simple treat.

17. Muscat of Alexandria

Because sometimes you need your Kit Kat bar to taste ever so faintly of wine.

18. Baked Potato

Sour cream and bacon bits not included.

What’s up with Japanese Kit Kat flavors anyway?

Yes, there is a reason Japan is so Kit Kat crazy. The name “Kit Kat” sounds like the Japanese phrase “kitto katsu,” meaning literally “surely win” – in other words, a common way to tell someone “Good luck!” in Japanese. As such, Kit Kats are a super popular gift, especially for students who are studying for exams. Special flavors often come in gift boxes with packaging that provides space to write personal messages of encouragement.Want more candy fun facts? Check out our article on the weirdest candy flavors ever, or browse our blog for candy recipes, inspiration, and more!