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Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice: 15 Sweet Fall Activities

The end of summer is no tragedy when you think of all the joys of fall! From trick-or-treating to Thanksgiving feasts, cozy gatherings to scrumptious pumpkin treats, the fall season brings plenty to look forward to. As you put away the beach towels and pull out the sweaters, grab your calendar too and start planning some fun activities to do throughout the season. Read the list below to get inspired!

15 fun fall activities

1. Visit a pumpkin patch

You can’t have fall without pumpkins! If there’s a pumpkin patch near you, pile into the car and spend the morning or afternoon strolling among fall’s most famous gourds. Whether you’re gathering pumpkins for baking or carving, you’re sure to enjoy the big dose of fall you get from visiting a patch of this lovely North American winter squash.

Fun fact: Squash or gourd?

Did you know that there is a difference between squash and gourds? While they are part of the same botanical family, squash is typically harvested to be eaten, while gourds are harvested for the purpose of decoration. Pumpkins are categorized as both squash and gourds since they are both eaten and used for decoration throughout the fall!

2. Pumpkin carving

What better way to use your haul from the pumpkin patch than pumpkin carving? Sharpen your knives and grab some candles, because it’s jack-o-lantern season! This is one of the most popular and fun fall activities for all ages, but it’s especially great for kids on a cold or rainy afternoon. Bonus points if you keep a bowl of pumpkin candies nearby as an inspiring treat!

3. Movie night

Fall is the perfect season for a movie night. Whether you have a scary movie marathon around Halloween or throw on a nostalgic favorite with friends or family, a fall movie night is a great opportunity to cuddle up under a blanket and munch on delicious seasonal treats. Stock up on popcorn, chips, dips, and candy. Sip on cold-weather favorites like hot chocolate, cider, chai tea, and of course pumpkin spice-flavored anything – how could we forget!

4. Baking

It’s pie season! Apple pie, sweet potato pie, and of course pumpkin pie are all great options for fall baking. Or if pie’s not your thing, breads and pastries are fair game too. Pull out your baking tins and rolling pins, and don’t hesitate to put the kids to work! Baking is an awesome family activity for holidays or just weekends.

One of our favorite fall activities is to use leftover Halloween candy in baked goods. It’s a great reason to save some of the goodies brought home from trick-or-treating!

Check out some recipes for baking with candy.

5. Arts and crafts

The sights and sounds of fall are the perfect inspiration for arts and crafts. Collect yellow and orange leaves for pressing, add them to a fall wreath alongside acorns and pinecones, or make a cornucopia centerpiece for the Thanksgiving table. Make a pinecone bird feeder for the yard or a homemade scarecrow for the porch. Crafting is a fun fall activity for kids and adults alike!

6. Make your own Halloween costume

Speaking of crafts, how about going DIY for Halloween this year? Whether you’re helping kids prepare for trick-or-treating or dressing up yourself, making a homemade Halloween costume is a wonderful creative outlet for anyone.

7. Create a haunted house

If a DIY Halloween costume isn’t enough, get extra creative by building a whole haunted house. Turn your garage into the spookiest spot on the block, practice your scaring skills, and invite neighbors to visit at their own peril!

8. Have a Halloween party

No fall season is complete without a Halloween party. Put out Halloween candy and maybe some themed beverages, set up some spooky decorations, and invite guests to show off their costumes, DIY or not!

9. Take a ghost tour

Who doesn’t love an old-fashioned ghost story? Even better if you get to visit the very place where the horrors happened. Check your town for local ghost tours and sign up for some serious scares!

10. Pick apples

If you’re planning to eat as much apple pie as possible this fall, why not pick fresh ingredients at a nearby apple orchard? Enjoy the crisp fall air, get your blood flowing, and bring home the highest quality fruit for your fall delights.

11. Try fall recipes

Visit the farmer’s market for butternut squash, beets, cabbage, parsnips, and other fall veggies to make scrumptious savory dishes. Fruits like apples, pears, figs, cranberries, and pomegranates are great in main courses, salads, or desserts. All you need is a cozy kitchen and some great fall recipes!

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12. Have a fall picnic

Celebrate your new favorite fall recipes by enjoying them at a picnic! Pack up a flannel blanket, some apple cider, and a pumpkin-y dessert and dine outside with friends and family.

13. Visit a corn maze

Sometimes it’s fun to get lost. Spend the afternoon testing your navigation skills among the corn stalks. Just make sure you make it out before dark!

14. Have a tailgate party

Among the many things that make fall fantastic, we can’t forget about football. Put a spin on the backyard barbecue by hosting a tailgate party with friends and family. Set up your TV, cook up some game day goodies, and invite your friends to kick back and watch the game. Depending on your amenities, you may choose to host the party indoors or outdoors. Either way, good food, drink, and decorations will make your event a blast.

15. Go Christmas shopping

Beat the holiday crowds by getting a head start on your Christmas shopping! As the weather cools down, you’ll appreciate the chance to get out of the elements and enjoy a cozy afternoon of shopping for your loved ones.

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