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Five Occasions for Candy Wreaths That Aren’t Christmas

Contrary to what you might think, there’s a whole world of decorative wreaths out there that have nothing to do with plants or flowers. With a little craftiness and creativity, these popular ornaments can be made with just about anything you like – including (you guessed it) candy. And no, they’re not just for Christmas!

Whether you want to give your home a seasonal touch-up, create a unique gift for someone, or get the kids involved in a fun sensory activity, making a candy wreath is sure to scratch your DIY itch and satisfy your sweet tooth. Scroll down for five occasions for candy wreaths that aren’t Christmas, plus tips for how to make your own.

Five Occasions for Candy Wreaths That Aren’t Christmas

1. Easter Candy Wreath

Candy Club bears in a candy wreath

Did you know Easter topped the weekly candy sales charts in 2016, beating out Halloween and Valentine’s Day? As a holiday that’s associated with literal baskets of candy, it makes a great occasion for a candy wreath.

One of the most popular takes on this trend is the candy egg wreath, which results in a beautiful ornament popping with spring colors. There is one caveat: Most candy egg wreaths call for hot gluing unwrapped pieces of candy to a Styrofoam ring, meaning you can’t eat the candy eggs when you’re done with the wreath.

For an edible alternative, we recommend trying the Rainbow Bunny Peeps wreath from Tried and True. You’ll use toothpicks to stick the Peeps to your wreath structure, making it super easy to disassemble the wreath and gobble up the goodies when the holiday is over.

2. Halloween Candy Wreath

This one’s a no-brainer. If pumpkin-carving isn’t enough DIY fun for your family, tack on a candy wreath project you can show off on the front door.

We love the thematic black-and-orange colors of this Halloween wreath from Uncommon Designs. With black ribbon and the orange wrappers of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Halloween edition Kit-Kats, you’ll have a spooky-sweet ornament that’s great to look at and eat.

3. Valentine’s Day Candy Wreath

Whether you want to decorate the office or hang a sweet gift on the front door of someone special, you can’t go wrong with a Valentine’s Day candy wreath. There are so many candy options to choose from, and if you don’t care about making your wreath edible, you could do a twist on the Easter egg wreath above using candy hearts. But if you ask us, where’s the fun in a gift you can’t eat?

This Valentine’s Day wreath from Crazy Little Projects gives you the best of both worlds. Using wrapped candy so you can take it apart and eat it later, you’ll make the wreath frame into a heart shape and decorate it with red and pink curled ribbon for an extra thematic touch.

4. Birthday Candy Wreath

Don’t just limit yourself to holidays! A surprise birthday candy wreath on the front door, car, or desk of a friend or loved one makes a great gift. There are as many ways to make a birthday candy wreath as there are people, so you can get super creative with this one, using the recipient’s favorite candies, colors, and interests or hobbies to create something special just for them.

For a good starting point, check out the birthday candy wreath from Fun Squared.

5. Congratulations Candy Wreath

Just like for birthdays, a personalized candy wreath is one of the most creative, thoughtful ways to tell someone congratulations. It’s a great gift for new jobs and promotions, engagements, baby announcements, graduations – you name it.

Find out the person’s favorite candies, use decorations that fit the situation or their interests, or color-coordinate for the occasion (like pink lollipops for a baby girl). Then surprise them and let them enjoy their edible gift!

Halloween candies and a pumpkin on a pink background

How to Make a DIY Candy Wreath

First off, you’ll need supplies. These will vary depending on what kind of wreath you choose to make, but there are some essentials to consider.

Candy Wreath Supplies

  • Wreath base, such as an unbent wire hanger or Styrofoam ring
  • Wreath tie (what you’ll hang it with), such as floral wire or floral ribbon
  • A pair of scissors for cutting or curling ribbon or string
  • Decorative bows or ribbon
  • Any other desired decorations
  • Something to fasten candy and decorations to wreath, like hot glue or pins

No matter the holiday or occasion, there are a few different options for how to actually assemble your wreath. You can use any of the above project links for specific instructions, but we’ll touch on three general methods below.

Three Candy Wreath Methods

  • Tied Wreath – This method consists of using string or ribbon to tie wrapped candy around a wire ring. You can either buy a base or bend a wire hanger into a ring shape to create your base.
  • Glued Wreath – To make a glued wreath, use hot glue to fasten wrapped candy and other decorations to a Styrofoam wreath base. If you glue unwrapped hard candies, just know you won’t be able to eat them later.
  • Pinned Wreath – For soft candies like Peeps or wrappers that lend themselves to pinning, you can pin candy and decorations to Styrofoam ring in the same way you would pin flowers or other plants. This makes for the easiest disassembly – just make sure kids stay safe with the sharp pins!

Want more ideas for DIY projects that use candy? The official Candy Club blog has what you need to make crafts fun and sweet. And if you just want to spread the joy of candy, our easy-to-gift gourmet candy lets you do it with the push of a button.